• This unit is perfect in a Pale Moon deck, which can quickly get a lot of cards in the soul, and can generate great hand advantage via the draw triggers.
  • This Unit can be called with Miracle of Luna Square, CliffordNightmare Doll, Alice, Mirror Demon and Midnight Bunny. Then, you can use its own effect to further increase your field in mid-battle. Thus, it is advisable to get one or more Trapezists in the soul as early as possible, perhaps using another Trapezist's effect.
  • Another unique combination you can do is in a Juggler deck. When you have Elephant Juggler and you play this card, you can re-call cards like Nitro Juggler and Skull Juggler to Soulcharge five times with two called units. You Soulcharge 2 for calling a Juggler unit. Then play Trapezist and Soul Charge 1 again. Then activate Trapezists effect to send a Juggler to the Soul and re-call it for ANOTHER 2 Soul Charge. Using this combination, its possible to recycle Juggler card effects several times over for massive soul charging with cheep hand advantage.
  • An ideal target for this skill is Peek-a-boo . Use Peek-a-boo's Soul Blast to call him from your soul then use this cards skill to send Peek-a-boo back to the soul in return for a different card, activating the skill without losing any cards in your hand besides this card.