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Card Tips:Seal Dragon, Blockade

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  • Use this card in combination with Dragonic Overlord. The effect of Blockade makes it so that the opponent can't intercept and thus, you can attack with this card and another rear-guard, only to follow with Dragonic Overlord with counterblast and any possible power-up(s) from the blockade's trigger check. this forces the opponent to either guard against two attacks and lose the rearguards and possibly 1 or 2 damages with no rearguard loss. this is a win-win situation and will work 93% of the time, unless the opponent has more than 3-4 cards in hand.
  • Use this unit with Death Warden Ant Lion's megablast. With the opponent's rear-guards are prevented from standing the next turn and none of them can intercept, the opponent's offenses and defenses are greatly weakened, as most of the cards in their hand are used for guarding, especially when they have 4 or 5 damage.

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