• This card's skill is capable of retiring one of the opponent's most powerful attackers. If you use this skill, leaving one bound card, and use Dragonic Deathscythe's skill as well, the counterblasts involved and the payoff work out about the same as using Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion's Limit Break.
  • This card  can be played as a second ride option to Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion, the same as Thunder Break Dragon. If you draw this card and you have Vermillion as your Vanguard, then this card is an ideal cost for Wyvern Guard, Guld, or can be ridden on after using Vermillion's limit break to kill off another unit while keeping the same defense and power. If playing this card as a Rear Guard is unavoidable, make sure it is supported by a 7000 power unit so it can still attack 11000 power Vanguards (which you ought to be doing in order to maximise Demonic Dragon Berserker, Garuda's efficiency). The reverse is also true, Dungaree can be ridden first as a deterrent to the opponent from putting down their more powerful rear guards steadily letting the narukami player build up hand and after popping off one rear guard Vermillion can be ridden as a powerful finisher.
  • Try not to abuse this unit's skill, otherwise its power will drop and become less able to attack and defend. It is best if you think of this card as a cheaper, more powerful but limited Thunder Break Dragon, using its skill once to retire a unit for a lower cost.
  • You may want to ride Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion after this as it is more powerful with the unflippers.
  • If this unit is a Vanguard, it is advised to boost it with a Photon Bomber Wyvern for a 21000 power attack.
  • If you use this unit's skill twice, you could retain its 11k power by calling Exorcist Mage, Roh Roh to your rear-guard circle. If both units are in a line, the power should be enough to force crossriders a 10k guard.
    • The same can be said when you placed this unit in rear-guard circle, as its power will be 9k.