• This Card is also one of the Key Cards to the main combos, with it as a Vanguard or Rearguard, it is definitely useful.
  • Use this card in conjunction with Juggernaut Maximum. Boost it with Spike Brothers Assault Squad, Juggernaut with Wonder Boy, and lay the pressure on the opponent by forcing them to guard. They have to choose to guard Sky Diver to prevent another attack, or guard Juggernaut for the power being just too high. In addition, they have to block your Vanguard. Also, you can use Dudley Dan to call it.
  • Use Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor's skill to call Sky Diver from the deck.
  • Use Dudley Dan's skill to call Sky Diver when your opponent is at an early grade.
  • In a deck that utilizes Bad End Dragger in combo with Grateful CatapultJuggernaut Maximum and this card in hand provided you pull Draw Triggers early can under the right circumstances lead to a possible 9 attacks in a single turn with said right circumstances.