• You can use Great Silver Wolf, Garmore's skill to superior call a desired Gold Paladin from your deck to rear guard to achieve, or at least get closer, to Sleygal Dagger's requirement to pull off its Counterblast, without wasting hand cards. Any other Superior Call Units work as well, such as Player of the Holy Bow, Viviane and Lop Ear Shooter, just to name a few.
  • When using the Counterblast, always take in mind the following factors: Power of the unit being boosted, Power of the unit you will attack, and of course, the Power of this card itself. If say, this card supports a 10K Power unit for a supposed 17K Power, and your target is a 10K unit, it will be futile to activate it's Counbterblast once. Because in doing so, it will only add 2K Power for a total of 19K Power - not enough to force a 15K Shield out of your enemy. Always keep this in mind for Counterblast-for-Power units, try to keep a 10K Power gap with effects such as these.
  • This card is extremely useful when you have 5 face-up damage. That means, you can have Sleygal Dagger be up to a 17K attacker or booster. This is a very aggressive move, espcially when your opponent is backed into a corner.