• Units with effects that have been used up make good sacrifices for this unit's skill, for example: Silver Fang Witch, Falcon Knight of the Azure, Blessing Owl, War-horse, Raging Storm, Holy Mage of the Gale and Battle Flag Knight, Laudine.
  • It would be best to attack first unboosted  to force your opponent to use a 10k shield or not guard at all.
  • It is also possible to combo SDD with cards like Dancing Wolf since you will be playing Stands to stand your Rear that is boosting your SDD especially when you're not attacking with SDD without a boost 1st. A Dancing Wolf + SDD would be a 26k without the Single Drive check after you activated his effect.
  • If you manage to gain another 3 units after his Limit Break with cards like: Player of the Holy Bow, Viviane, Lop Ear Shooter etc, you can activate his Limit Break again if possible.
  • Running Holy mage of the gale [1] can allow you to reach 13-14k with duke alone, which is handy against crossrides. the ability is also stackable which means that by calling two, duke can reach 16k alone.
  • Break Riding this card over Steel Spear Liberator, Bleoberis, gives your Vanguard 20-21k Power on his own making a double attack far more frightening. Not only that, but the two units called by Bleoboris effect can make fantastic fodder for this unit's Limit Break.