• Line this unit up with Dancing Wolf. Usually a player will let the Vanguard's attack through, since it is the strongest and hardest to defend. But, if you happen to come across any trigger in an unstopped attack, give the 5000 bonus to this unit, activate its effect, and you will have a 25000/26000-power attack ready for use plus one more drive check. If the trigger happens to be Critical, it will cost your opponent a lot to defend against the attack.
  • It also can have Toolkit Boy in same column. If your hand size is enough, you can activate its skill for maximum 5 times. To do this, your deck must have 4~6 draw triggers and have critical triggers for the rest (have heal of course). This can give your opponent a deadly strike for Final Turn (if they don't guard its first atk and you can get 2 or more triggers).