• By using its Megablast, as well as a few Silent Tom cards, this card makes a good card to use in a Oracle Think Tank deck as a side unit. This can put a Grade 0 card into their Vanguard Position and make them unable to defend against Tom's attacks. (They cannot guard against Tom with Grade 0 cards because of his effect, and cannot guard with higher than Grade 0 cards because of their Vanguard Grade).
    • Be sure NOT to use this card as a Vanguard if you are using it for this stratagy. That is because Silent Tom's effect only works if you have an Oracle Think Tank Vanguard.
  • As said before, this is good to use against anyone who plays a Grade 0 in their back slot. This is because they will only have 10k guard units to defend with, and this eliminates the possibility of them using a Perfect Guard. With all your units attacking for 18k+ and their unit only having about 5-6k power, there is no way they are going to guard against all three attacks.
    • To prevent the possibility of an intercept, it might be best to eliminate the front rear guards with the potential to intercept and then bring in Stil Vampir and Silent Tom on the same turn to have an all out attack for the win.
  • When using this unit it is best to use it on the rear guard insted of the vanguard, in doing this you get your self an extra 10k attacker. If you use this with Blade Wing Reijy who gets 2 crit as long as you have 15 in the soul, this can make for a devastating attack as long as you have plenty in the soul to do so.
  • This unit's Megablast cripple Legion strategies as the Mate will be forced into the soul, thus negating the 20000 Power.
    • Do note that they still can perform Legion on the next turn if they choose to ride Legion unit.
  • Doreen the Thruster is a good card to put behind this card on the Vanguard Circle as this card's mandatory soulcharge occurs during the Main Phase. Combined with Vampir's +2000 power, Doreen's skill gives her +3000 power per soulcharge, making a 21000 power center line just by entering the Main Phase.