• Unless you use Creeping Dark Goat as starting vanguard, you will definitely able to use this unit's skill when you ride him, make him fairly easy to use.
  • When playing against Vanguards with 11000 or higher power, you can leave the rearguard circle behind Dictator empty as he will still be able to hit 18000 power alone, and you will be able to save hand by not needing to call a rearguard to that circle.
  • This unit is splashable in any Shadow Paladin build, as it does not require any counterblasts.
  • If you use this unit's skill on Triple Dark Armor, and activate its skill, you can reach 17k on a rear-guard column (alone). If boosted by a 6k unit, you can reach 23k, enough to force crossriders a 15k shield.
    • Combo this card and Silver Spear Demon, Gusion as a Final Turn attack to make sure your opponent cannot guard it except using a null guard.
  • To fill up your field quickly to power up The Dark Dictator and use its soulblast, you can: