• Use this card with "Anthrodroid". By resting an Anthrodroid and paying a counter blast, you can give this unit +3000 Power and still have all your units standing. This can be repeated as needed to give this card additional power for the turn.
  • If you want to keep the "Battleraizer" behind a "Hi-powered Raizer Custom" to keep a consistent 16000 Power attacker each turn, instead of boosting with "Battleraizer" and returning it to the Deck, you can rest the "Battleraizer" to give this unit additional power instead.
  • If you have units in your hand to spare, you can rest your units to give this unit power, then replace them with other units to attack or boost with.
  • You can also play this with the Death Army units and should you drive check a Grade Three or Stand trigger, you can stand another column.
  • This card may be a legit replacement for  Infinite Corrosion Form, Death Army Cosmo Lord, since it gives you 20% more attack power and you do not have to reach limit break. On limit break, however, the latter is much stronger due to his ability to stand a full field.