-When you use this card's skill, you can call the unit you returned to hand for the cost.              

-Use this card's skill to return Rainbow Light, Carine to your hand and then just use a counterblast and soulcharge cost, then an extra draw is made, at the same time you can call another one like Prism on the Water, Myrtoa behind VG to draw an extra card or even call another potential RG and make another attack.

  • Girls' Rock, Rio can also be bounced to your hand and has the same effect as Rainbow Light, Carine.
  • Apprentice Idol, Karen can also made an extra draw, but cost by CB1,SB1.                 

-For experienced players, it is encouraged to play more Grade 3 (9 to 14) or any other Grade 2 (PR♥ISM-Smile, Scotia) who can hit potential 11000 VG.                     

-Stand Triggers are recommended in a deck focus around Raindear, as she can't hit hard and instead allows multiple attacks. Certain scenario (in this case you have full field) which allows your 1st Rear-guard to attack opponent without boosting (not doing the boost), follow up other Rear-guards with boosting, where Raindear attacks last and doing the drive check, it will gives you greater chance to actually bounce/recall/trigger stands the attacked front row Rear-guards for extra attacking capability.              

  • ^ while doing as above, the sole purpose simply to aim for basic 4-attacks per turn (or 5), while it effectively either forcing opponent to use extra guards, or taking more damage. 
  • ^ With this build, cards such as Shining Singer, Ionia and Mascot Lady, Oria might play a great role.
  • ^ While playing this build, your hand tends to have excessive Grade 3, it is encouraged to play cards such as Prism on the Water, MyrtoaMirror Diva, BiscayneNavy Dolphin, Amur etc. to ensure necessary card advantage.