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This card is a great addition to the royal paladin because the 4 advantages that it can bring once player properly using it.

  1. Card Advantage - You can use it`s effect to look at the top 5 for another possible grade 3 like Soul Saver Dragon
  2. Deck Thinning - Reduce the chances to draw another grade 3 during trigger check.
  3. Pressure - Just by riding him he gets automatic +5k
  4. Soul Adding - Using this,Margal, Pongal and Silent Sage, Sharon you can easily use the soul for Seeker, Thing Saver Dragon effect or Knight of Godly Speed, Galahad effect in a short amount of time compare to just normal riding again.
  • This card has can bypass Dueling Dragon, ZANBAKU's skill that prevents normal ride.
  • When you superior ride using this effect, it counts as moving a card to the soul, so the effects of Great Sage, Barron and Young Pegasus Knight can activate, giving them +3000 power.
  • Consider running him alongside Gornement so that each time this unit's Limit Break skill successfully triggers, one or more of your columns get a free +10000 Power at no pressure to the hand. In desperate times when you really need to finish the opponent (e.g. low on deck/insufficient hand power for next turn/etc.) you can even normal ride this unit and immediately trigger its Limit Break skill for a free +20000 to your Gornement.
  • If you're facing Megacolony, you can get around your vanguard not standing.

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