• Ji Endo and DOTE are popular abbreviations that fans use when talking about this card, due to his initials and his Japanese pronounciation, which is written in kana instead of romanization of the word "the End".
  • Dragonic Overlord the End is the first Cross Ride shown in the anime, used by Toshiki Kai. It is later used by Katsumi Morikawa when Kai lent him his deck. It is shown again afterwards, this time used by Taishi Miwa as an attempt to unreverse Kai.
    • It could be noted anyone who used this card in Cardfight Vanguard!!(not G) (Kai, Morikawa, Miwa) actually lost fights using it.
    • In fact, it's first and only wins thus far, occured in Turn 6 of the GIRS Crisis Arc; the 250th Cardfight!! Vanguard episode released (meaning it took 193 episodes since it's reveal for it to actually win a game).
  • With the Break Ride version of Dragonic Overlord, this is the first non-Limit Break Cross Break Ride.
  • This card's japanese flavor text from FC02, 「ジ・エンドは 終わらない!」, translated as "The End is not over!" is a reference from the anime, where the phrase is used whenever Dragonic Overlord the End uses its Persona Blast, mostly said by Kai Toshiki.
    • It could be interesting to note the saying "The End is not over!" even though it has "End" in its name and it doesn't end (by using Persona Blast).