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Special Stages

1st Day

Opening Stage:

  • ♪Stand Up Dream/Ultra Rare
  • Talk Event “Approach new character Takuto”
  • Cardfight!! Vanguard Radio Public Recording Event
  • Talk Event ~Until Cardfight!! Vanguard come out~
  • DAIGO Vanguard Special Talk Stage

Ending Live Stage:

  • ♪Diamond Star☆/Natsuko Asou
  • ♪Starting Again/Sayaka Sasaki

2nd Day

Opening Stage:

  • ♪Nakimushi TREASURES/Milky Holmes
  • Radio “Tachiagare! Bokura no Vanguard” Public Recording Event
  • BushiNavi Live Broadcast ver. Big Vanguard Festival
  • Table Talk about Anime by Gorgeous Seiyuus
  • Vanguard Dubbing Stage meets MiniVan!

Ending Live Stage:

  • ♪JAM Project

Date: 5th May 2012, Saturday - 6th May 2012, Sunday

Venue: Tokyo Bigsite West Hall (東京ビッグサイト 西1ホール)

Fees: Free

Event time: Starts at 9am

5th of May


6th of May


Event specials:

1. Pre-release of EB03 (2,250 yen)

And for every purchase of a box you can get an alternate art copy of Cursed Lancer

Note: Each person are only allowed to buy up to 2 boxes.

2. Pre-release of Ultra-Rare Singles (1200yen)

1.ミラクルトリガー ~きっと明日はウルトラレア!~


3.ミラクルトリガー ~きっと明日はウルトラレア!~(Off Vocal)

4.スタンドアップ!DREAM(Off Vocal)

3. Special goods:

  • Mini Tote Bag (1200 yen)
  • Vanguard Festival T-shirt (M and L size) (2900 yen)
  • Plastic Sheet (350 yen)
  • Sport Towel (1500 yen)
  • Aluminum Bottle (1500 yen)
  • Mug (800 yen)
  • Stickers (700 yen)
  • Character Pass Case (1200 yen)
  • Face Towel (700 yen)
  • Curry Bowl (1200 yen)
  • Fighter Gloves (3800 yen)
  • Key Chain (1000 yen)
  • Tumbler (1500 yen)
  • Water-proof Mini Poster Set
  • Can badges (600 yen)
  • Power Stone Bracelet (3000 yen)



  • Scrunchy (1000 yen)
  • T-shirts (2800 yen)

4. Pre-release of Card Sleeves and Deck Cases

  • Card Sleeves - Each pack costs 500 yen.
  • Deck Cases - Each box costs 500 yen.