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Cmd choco snack

Official Release Date: 11th June 2012

Official Price: 1,980 Yen (per Carton - contain 20 boxes of Choco Snack)


  • Each box will come with a random PR card.
  • 19 different PR to collect (18 PR from Card Fight Pack Vol. 1 - 3 and 1 new PR).
Choco snack prs
Choco snack prlist

Card List
Set No. Name Grade
PR/0013 Mirubiru 1
PR/0014 Giro 0
PR/0015 Dragonic Executioner 3
PR/0016 Dragon Armored Knight 2
PR/0017 Petal Fairy 1
PR/0018 Cup Bowler 2
PR/0019 Omniscience Madonna 3
PR/0020 Sphere Magus 0
PR/0021 Dragon Undead, Skull Dragon 3
PR/0022 King Seahorse 1
PR/0023 High Dog Breeder, Seiran 2
PR/0024 Dragonic Vanisher 3
PR/0031 Holy Disaster Dragon 3
PR/0032 Blue Scale Deer 2
PR/0033 Bombarding Dragon Sledgeankylo 0
PR/0034 Gyro Slinger 1
PR/0035 Knowledge Drunkard 2
PR/0036 Purple Trapezist 1
PR/0056 Dreadcharge Dragon 3

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