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A new event that will be held in 8 areas in Japan.

Kazawa: 13th May 2012

Hiroshima: 27th May 2012

Nagoya: 3rd June 2012

Tokyo: 10th June 2012

Hakata: 17th June 2012

Sendai: 24th June 2012

Sapporo: 1st July 2012

Osaka: 8th July 2012

Some interesting highlight for this event:

Tournament: Asia Circuit Stage

Players are NOT allowed to use the cards below:

Sales' Corner:

(i) Cursed Lancer

Every 1,000 yen you purchase, you can get an alternate art copy of Cursed Lancer (PR/0066):

Door Gift: Blaster Mameshiba

(ii) Ultra Rare -Single:

Ultra Rare's singles at 1,200 Yen

1.ミラクルトリガー ~きっと明日はウルトラレア!~


3.ミラクルトリガー ~きっと明日はウルトラレア!~(Off Vocal)

4.スタンドアップ!DREAM(Off Vocal)

(iii) Exclusive/Special Products

Tote Bag at 1,200 Yen:

Vanguard Festival T-Shirt at 2,900 Yen:

Note: Only M and L size available

Desk Mat at 350 Yen:

Sports Towel at 1,500 Yen:

Aluminum Bottle at 1,500 Yen:

Mug at 800 Yen:

Stickers at 700 Yen:

Character Pass Case at 1,200 Yen:

Face Towel at 700 Yen:

Curry Bowl at 1,200 Yen:

Fighter's Glove at 3,800 Yen:

Carabiner at 1,000 Yen:

Tumbler at 1,500 Yen:

Water-Proof Mini-Poster Set:

Can Badges at 600 Yen:

Power Stone Bracelet at 3,000 Yen:

Scrunchy at 1,000 Yen:

Vanguard T-Shirt at 2,800 Yen:

Vanguard Storage at 300 Yen:

Fighters' Road 2012 Storage at 300 Yen:

Fighters' Road 2012 Pen at 200 Yen:

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