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Cardfight!! Vanguard: Link Joker is the third season of Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime, sequel to Cardfight!! Vanguard: Season 2. It first aired on January 13th, 2013 at 10:00am JST.

Plot Summary

Approximately 6 months after the conclusion of the VF Circuit, Aichi Sendou transfers to Miyaji Academy to attend high school. After he meets Naoki Ishida and Kourin Tatsunagi transfers to his class, Aichi decides to establish a Cardfight!! Vanguard club at the school. Shingo Komoi and Misaki Tokura also join the club. However, the Student Council consider the Vanguard Club to be a disruptive influence in the school and oppose its existence.

In between a High School Circuit and the reintroduction of old friends and rivals, a new force emerges that seeks to take over Earth and Cray.

Main Characters



Episode Guide - Season 3
Season 3
Episode Number
Japanese Title
English Title
Japanese Air Date
English Air Date
CFV-Episode105 Episode 105 "Sutando Appu za Haisukūru!" (スタンド・アップ・ザ・ハイスクール!) Stand Up, It's High School! January 13th, 2013 October 13th, 2013
CFV-Episode106 Episode 106  "Omae ni Bureiku" (お前にブレイク) Catching a Break January 20th, 2013 October 13th, 2013
CFV-Episode107 Episode 107 "Nerawareta aidoru" (狙われたアイドル) Targeted Idol January 27th, 2013 November 22nd, 2013
CFV-Episode108 Episode 108 "Amefutobu no Shikaku" (アメフト部の刺客) The Football Team's Assassin February 3rd, 2013 November 22nd, 2013
CFV-Episode109 Episode 109 "Tanjō!? Kādofaitobu" (誕生!? カードファイト部) Birth of the Cardfight Club February 10th, 2013 December 19th, 2013
CFV-Episode110 Episode 110 "Hatsu Shiai! Miyaji Gakuen VS Hitsue Kōkō" (初試合!宮地学園VS後江高校) First Match! Miyaji Academy vs. Hitsue High School February 17th, 2013 December 19th, 2013
CFV-Episode111 Episode 111 "Suketto ha Chūgakusei!"


Reinforcements from the Junior High School February 24th, 2013 December 27th, 2013
CFV-Episode112 Episode 112 "Kai no Kage" (櫂の影) Kai's Shadow March 3rd, 2013 December 27th, 2013
CFV-Episode113 Episode 113 "Fukubuchou ha dare da!?" (副部長はだれだ!?) Who's the Vice Captain!? March 10th, 2013 January 6th, 2014
CFV-Episode114 Episode 114 "Miyaji Gakuen chūtōbu" (宮地学園中等部) Miyaji Academy, Middle School Division March 17th, 2013 January 6th, 2014
CFV-Episode115 Episode 115 "Aidoru Faito"


Idol Fight March 24th, 2013 January 17th, 2014
CFV-Episode116 Episode 116 "Kaze to no Saikai"


Reunion with the Wind March 31st, 2013 January 17th, 2014
CFV-Episode117 Episode 117 "Kyōgō Fukuhara Kōkō" (強豪 福原高校) The Powerful Fukuhara High April 7th, 2013 January 23rd, 2014
CFV-Episode118 Episode 118 "Dokidoki no Bunkasai" (ドキドキの文化祭) Drama at the School Festival April 14th, 2013 January 23rd, 2014
CFV-Episode119 Episode 119 "Densetsu no Bunkasai" (伝説の文化祭) Legendary School Festival April 21st, 2013 January 29th, 2014
CFV-Episode120 Episode 120 "Himetaru Tōshi"


Hidden Fighting Spirit April 28th, 2013 January 30th, 2014
CFV-Episode121 Episode 121 "Otoko no Iji" (男の意地)           A Man's Willpower May 5th, 2013 February 6th, 2014
CFV-Episode122 Episode 122 "Charenjā Naoki"

(挑戦者 ナオキ)

Naoki, the Challenger May 12th, 2013 February 6th, 2014
CFV-Episode123 Episode 123 "Shōri he no Omoi" (勝利への想い) Feelings About Victory May 19th, 2013 February 13th, 2014
CFV-Episode124 Episode 124 "Futari no Chōjyō Kessen"


Showdown at the Summit May 26th, 2013 February 13th, 2014
CFV-Episode125 Episode 125 "Kaze no Tsuyoi Hi"


A Windy Day June 2nd, 2013 March 28th, 2014
CFV-Episode126 Episode 126 "Nazo no Doragon" (謎のドラゴン) The Mystery Dragon June 9th, 2013 March 28th, 2014
CFV-Episode127 Episode 127 "Rokku" (呪縛) Facing the "Lock" June 16th, 2013 April 6th, 2014
CFV-Episode128 Episode 128 "Ribāsu" ("Я" -リバース-) Into the Reverse June 23rd, 2013 April 6th, 2014
CFV-Episode129 Episode 129 "Kokurin no Chikara"


The Power of the Black Rings June 30th, 2013 May 6th, 2014
CFV-Episode130 Episode 130 "Anun Fukuhara Kōkō" (暗雲 福原高校) Dark Clouds over Fukuhara High! July 7th, 2013 May 6th, 2014
CFV-Episode131 Episode 131 "Towa no Marionetto" (永遠の操り人形) Eternal Marionette July 14th, 2013 May 8th, 2014
CFV-Episode132 Episode 132 "Rasuto Dansu"


Last Dance July 21st, 2013 May 8th, 2014
CFV-Episode133 Episode 133 "Uragiri no Jeneraru" (裏切りの将軍) The Traitor General July 28th, 2013 May 19th, 2014
CFV-Episode134 Episode 134 "Gekka no Kingumēkā" (月下のキングメーカー) Kingmaker in the Moonlight August 4th, 2013 May 19th, 2014
CFV-Episode135 Episode 135 "Daiyūsha Otsu" (ダイユーシャ堕つ) The Fall Of Daiyusha August 11th, 2013 May 29th, 2014
CFV-Episode136 Episode 136 "Yuri no Kunshō"


Yuri's Pendant August 18th, 2013 May 29th, 2014
CFV-Episode137 Episode 137 "Ankoku Jigen Gattai! Ribāsu Daiyūsha" (暗黒次元合体! "Я" ダイユーシャ) Dark Dimensional Combination! "Яeverse" Daiyusha August 25th, 2013 June 5th, 2014
CFV-Episode138 Episode 138 "Kizuna no Fune" (絆の舟) The Depth of our Bonds September 1st, 2013 June 5th, 2014
CFV-Episode139 Episode 139 "Rinkan Gakkō" (林間学校) School Camping Trip September 8th, 2013 June 13th, 2014
CFV-Episode140 Episode 140 "Hoshizora no Shitade" (星空の下で・・・) Under the Starry Sky September 15th, 2013 June 13th, 2014
CFV-Episode141 Episode 141 "Miyaji ni Hatameku Kaizokuki" (宮地にはためく海賊旗) Pirate Flag over Miyaji September 22nd, 2013 July 25th, 2014
CFV-Episode142 Episode 142 "Kamui no Kobushi"


Kamui's Fist September 29th, 2013 July 25th, 2014
CFV-Episode143 Episode 143 "Ninjamasuta Fukkatsu" (ニンジャマスター復活) The Ninja Master Returns October 6th, 2013 August 1st, 2014
CFV-Episode144 Episode 144 "Bōsō Enjeru Rekka" (暴走天使レッカ) Rampaging Angel, Rekka October 13th, 2013 August 1st, 2014
CFV-Episode145 Episode 145 "Tomodachi" (トモダチ) Friends October 20th, 2013 August 8th, 2014
CFV-Episode146 Episode 146 "Zetsubō'e no Kauntodaun" (絶望へのカウントダウン ) Countdown to Despair October 27th, 2013 August 8th, 2014
CFV-Episode147 Episode 147 "Konton no Hakaisha" (混沌の破壊者) Chaotic Destroyer November 3rd, 2013 August 15th, 2014
CFV-Episode148 Episode 148 "Sorezore no Ketsui" (それぞれの決意) The Power Within November 10th, 2013 August 15th, 2014
CFV-Episode149 Episode 149 "Dakkan seyo!! Miyaji Gakuen" (奪還せよ!!宮地学園) Recapturing Miyaji Academy! November 17th, 2013 August 22nd, 2014
CFV-Episode150 Episode 150 "Subete o Buchiyabure!!" (すべてをブチ破れ!!) Total Annihilation! November 24th, 2013 August 22nd, 2014
CFV-Episode151 Episode 151 "Aichi to Kamui"


Aichi and Kamui December 1st, 2013 August 29th, 2014
CFV-Episode152 Episode 152 "Yūjō no Katachi" (友情の形) The True Form of Friendship December 8th, 2013 August 29th, 2014
CFV-Episode153 Episode 153 "Futari no Sendōsha" (二人の先導者) The Two Leaders December 15th, 2013 September 5th, 2014
CFV-Episode154 Episode 154 "Kizuna no Saki'ni"


Beyond the Bond December 22nd, 2013 September 5th, 2014
CFV-Episode155 Episode 155 "Futari no Reon"


The Two Leons December 29th, 2013 September 12th, 2014
Episode 156 "Kusari tatsumono"


Breaking The Chains January 12th, 2014 September 12th, 2014
Episode 157 "Kōrin" (コーリン) Kourin January 19th, 2014 September 19th, 2014
Episode 158 "Ren no Nozomi"


Ren's Wish January 26th, 2014 September 26th, 2014
Episode 159 "Saitan no Ryū" (再誕の龍) Dragon Reborn February 2nd, 2014 October 3rd, 2014
Episode 160 "Kanzen narishi Kokurin" (完全なりし黒輪) Perfect Black Ring February 9th, 2014 October 10th, 2014
Episode 161 "Wārudo Endo"


World End February 16th, 2014 October 17th, 2014
Episode 162 "Majiwaru Michi" (交わる道) The Intersecting Path February 23rd, 2014 October 24th, 2014
Episode 163 "Tsunagu Mono" (繋ぐもの) The Connected March 2nd, 2014 October 31st, 2014

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