"Cardfight!! Vanguard" is the third series of the Cardfight!! Vanguard anime, and is a new story roughly based on the Cardfight!! Vanguard manga by Akira Ito.

The episodes are first made available in Japan on the website AbemaTV at 9.00pm JST on Saturdays and are then broadcast on the TV station Tokyo MX at 10.30pm JST on the same night. The episodes are also uploaded simultaneously with English subtitles through the official YouTube channel and Crunchyroll.

Plot Summary

The main protagonist Aichi Sendou, is a timid and mundane third-year middle school boy. The thing that supported Aichi's heart, was the "Blaster Blade" card that he received as a child. It's an important rare card from "Vanguard", a card game with the imaginary world of "Planet Cray" as its stage. From the day he reunited with the person who gave him that card "Toshiki Kai", Aichi's everyday life began to change.

While expanding his horizons and meeting many different fighters, Aichi has a mysterious experience of hearing the voices of units from Planet Cray--- that closely resembles Psyqualia, the power held by "Ren Suzugamori", the leader of Team Asteroid.

It's a youthful story of vanguard fighters who clash passionately with each other through fights.


Main Characters


Other Characters





Episode Guide - Season 10
English Title
Japanese Title
Japanese Air Date
English Air Date
CV-V-Episode1 1 Stand Up, Vanguard!! スタンドアップ・ヴァンガード!! May 5, 2018 May 26, 2018
CV-V-Episode2 2 Ride the Vanguard!! ライド・ザ・ヴァンガード!! May 12, 2018
CV-V-Episode3 3 Who's the Strongest Cardfighter!! 最強ファイターは誰だ!! May 19, 2018
120px 4 Misaki's Secret!! ミサキのひみつ!! May 26, 2018


  • This is the first Vanguard series to not air on TV Tokyo and also the first to air during late at night.
  • All of the titles in this season has a pattern of ending with "!!", and it is the first time the anime has title pattern.