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Cardfight!! Vanguard is written by Dr. Akira Ito. The Japanese version is published by Kadokawa Shoten and the English version is published by Vertical. The anime and the card game are based on the manga series.



Main Characters

Foo Fighters

Team Ultra Rare

Chapter Guide

The Cardfight!! Vanguard Manga are first published in the Kero Kero Ace Magazines in the chapter series since the manga and the anime is so new the official manga is still not popular enough for it to be released more widely and more frequently hence they release it through there popular magazines in chapter forms throughout Japan every month. So far the Chapters released are:

Volume Guide

This manga has a different story to the anime. It has some of the same characters as the anime, but has different plots and also has some cards which are exclusive to it. These manga exclusive cards then later release in Promo Cardfight Packs, Extra Booster Sets, either released as separate promo cards or released exclusively with the official volume release of the manga.

So far, a volume has been and is published every 5 months, and each of these volume comes with a free promo card inside it. So far the officially published Volumes are:

Volume # Details Japanese Cover Indonesia Cover English Cover
Volume 1 CV-Manga Vol. 1 CV-Manga Vol.1-INDO CV-Manga Vol.1-English
Volume 2 CV-Manga Vol. 2
CV-Manga Vol.2-English
Volume 3 CV-Manga Vol. 3
Volume 4 Vgd comic 04
Volume 5
  • Volume Name
    • ????
  • Release Date:
    • November 26, 2012
  • Chapters:
  • Author:
    • Akira Ito
  • Publisher:
    • Kadokawa Shoten (JP)
    • Vertical (EN)
  • Promo Card:
CV-Manga Vol.5
Volume 6
  • Volume Name
    • ????
  • Release Date:
    • August 26, 2013
  • Chapters:
  • Author:
  • Publisher:
    • Kadokawa Shoten (JP)
    • Vertical (EN)
  • Promo Card:
CV-Manga Vol.6
Volume 8 Vgd comic 08
Volume 9
CV-Manga Vol.9

Extra Volume

Volume # Details Japanese Cover
Volume 0
  • Volume Name
    • Vanguard 0 Start Set
  • Release Date:
    • May 23, 2013
  • Author:
  • Publisher:
    • Kadokawa Shoten
  • Other
196760 583423031673226 773767088 n

Side Story Manga

This series of Manga is called Mini Vanguard. The new series of mini vanguard is also being published their popular KeroKero Ace Megazines in the chapter series which is being published with their ongoing Manga original Chapter series.

Another side story manga is Cardfight!! Vanguard Gaiden: Shining Swordsman. This manga features and focuses on the card lores of the units. It's to be featured alongside the main manga and the mini series one in Monthly Bushiroad.

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