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Chapter 004: Joining CF Club!?

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Joining CF Club!? is the 4th chapter in the Volume 1 of the Cardfight!! Vanguard Manga.


Aichi and Morikawa finds a club in their school named CF!? and when they entered the club they found there home room teacher and he said he is the one who made the club. The club name is Cardfight Club and there are are a total of 5 members including Izaki Yuta, their home room teacher and another minor member as well. Their teacher told them the best way to learn this game is through experience and what better way then having a battle in which they can learn through fighting.

After a fierce battle and their teacher guiding them with clues Aichi wins. Later Morikawa and Aichi became budies and visits back to Card capital together after school.

Featured Cardfight: Katsumi Morikawa vs. Aichi Sendou

Aichi's Turn

Aichi rides Knight Squire, Allen (7000 Power), then calls Flogal (5000 Power) to the back row rear-guard circle behind Allen. Aichi's Allen boosted by Flogal attacks Katsumi's vanguard (Allen's Power: 12000 vs. Gyro Slinger's Power: 7000), drive check unknown. Aichi's Allen attacks hits Katsumi's vanguard dealing damage(s) (Katsumi's Damage: 3/6). Aichi ends his turn.

Katsumi's Turn

Katsumi rides Spike Bouncer (8000 Power), then calls Gyro Slinger to the front row rear-guard circle. Gyro Slinger attacks Aichi's vanguard (Gyro Slinger's Power: 7000 vs. Allen's power: 7000), but Aichi calls Wingal (5000 Shield) to the guardian circle, the attack of Gyro Slinger doesn't hit.

To Be Added

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