Joining the Cardfight Research Club? is the fourth chapter of the Cardfight!! Vanguard Manga, first published in Kerokero Ace magazine and later collected in Volume 1.

This chapter was adapted into episode 5 of the Cardfight!! Vanguard V Series anime.


Aichi once again attempts to invite Morikawa to Card Capital with him, but Morikawa rejects him, claiming he is busy with club activities. Attempting to follow him, Aichi is suprised to find that the club is in fact the school’s Cardfight Research Club. The club supervisor and Aichi’s history teacher, Mr. Mark, runs into him outside the clubroom and asks if he wants to join.

Aichi is invited into the clubroom and Mr Mark announced his interest in joining, but but follows this up with the news that the club is about to be shut down due to the members collectively failing his history class. Reading out the club members’ scores on their latest test, he notes that all of them failed despite the pass mark being a low 40%. Yuta Izaki asks if they could continue the club if their average score was over that amount, and, when Mr Mark agrees, he asks what Aichi’s score was. Conveniently, Aichi’s score of 95% would cause the club as a whole to average 41%. Morikawa, however, is reluctant to allow Aichi to join, complaining that he began playing too recently to be admitted. Aichi challenges Morikawa to a fight to prove himself, and Morikawa announces that if Aichi manages to win, then he will be allowed to join. Aichi says that he is no longer the person Morikawa knew after the experiences he has had at Card Capital, and rides Alfred Early to win the fight.

Aichi is accepted into the club, allowing it to continue. He invites Morikawa to Card Capital again, and this time manages to bring him along, although Morikawa is still uncertain and brings up the fact that Aichi has no reason to be friends after he stole Blaster Blade. Aichi, however, is happy to forgive him so they can both become stronger. As the two of them enter the shop, a mysterious gloved figure watches from outside.

Featured Cardfight(s)

Fighters Outcome
Aichi Sendou vs Katsumi Morikawa Aichi Wins

Fight Analysis

Katsumi Morikawa vs. Aichi Sendou

Aichi's Turn

Aichi rides Knight Squire, Allen (7000 Power), then calls Flogal (5000 Power) to the back row rear-guard circle behind Allen. Aichi's Allen boosted by Flogal attacks Katsumi's vanguard (Allen's Power: 12000 vs. Gyro Slinger's Power: 7000), drive check unknown. Aichi's Allen attacks hits Katsumi's vanguard dealing damage(s) (Katsumi's Damage: 3/6). Aichi ends his turn.

Katsumi's Turn

Katsumi rides Spike Bouncer (8000 Power), then calls Gyro Slinger to the front row rear-guard circle. Gyro Slinger attacks Aichi's vanguard (Gyro Slinger's Power: 7000 vs. Allen's power: 7000), but Aichi calls Wingal (5000 Shield) to the guardian circle, the attack of Gyro Slinger doesn't hit.

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