PSY Qualia is the eighth chapter of the Cardfight!! Vanguard Manga, first published in Kerokero Ace magazine and later collected in Volume 2.

This chapter was adapted into the second half of episode 14 of the Cardfight!! Vanguard V Series anime.


Aichi is dragged out of his vision of Blaster Blade by Kyou yelling at him to not space out during the fight. His vanguard still locked down, Aichi is unable to deal any damage, and is beginning to feel hopeless until he looks down at Kamui’s cards still on the ground and realises it is too soon to give up.

Trying desperately to imagine a way to win, Aichi is pulled into another image of Blaster Blade, who speaks and guides him to call Sage of Guidance, Zenon, which allows him to draw and ride Soul Saver Dragon. Kyou is shocked, recognising that Aichi is reading the flow of the fight in the same way that Ren can.

With Soul Saver’s attack, Aichi is able to win the fight, and Kyou is immediately turned upon and abandoned by his fellow Foo Fighters. Reluctantly, Kyou helps Aichi pick up Kamui’s fallen cards, using the opportunity to ask if he really heard a card’s voice during the fight, and calling the power “PSY Qualia”. When Aichi confirms his suspicions, Kyou becomes excited that perhaps he too could manifest a power previously thought to be unique to Ren. Aich, however, is confused, and unable to explain how it happened.

Meanwhile, at Card Capital, an unfamiliar woman enters, dragging Kawanami with her on a leash. Miwa is initially attracted to her, but Misaki identifies her as a member of Foo Fighter. She begins to ask something about Kai, but Miwa cuts her off, immediately becoming defensive, telling her he won’t let Foo Fighter anywhere near him.

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