Tetsu is the twelfth chapter of the Cardfight!! Vanguard Manga, first published in Kerokero Ace magazine and later collected in Volume 3.

This chapter was adapted into episodes 17 and 19 of the Cardfight!! Vanguard V Series anime.


Misaki faces Ren in a fight, and is shocked when Ren reveals his avatar, a black-armored Blaster Blade. She is easily defeated, and Ren remarks that now he will be allowed back into this shop, before he and Asaka leave.

Meanwhile, Kamui goes to meet Aichi after school, but finds Kyou already waiting there. As Aichi arrives, Kyou proposes a "Foo Fighter hunt", where the three of them travel around Foo Fighter-occupied card shops and set them free. Kamui is distrustful, but Kyou mentions that he is no longer a part of the gang, and Aichi agrees to go, wanting to help out more suffering shops like Kamui's.

Kyou leads them to an occupied shop, and when the Foo Fighters there mock him for his loss, he tells them to challenge the person who defeated him, and that they could claim his place in the AL4 if they win. One of them steps forward to fight, and Kyou quietly hopes to see Aichi use his PSY Qualia. Aichi, however, is able to win without his power activating, and Kyou leads them to another shop to try again.

Despite being put up against "Professor O", one of Foo Fighter's "SL3", ranked only one step below the AL4, Aichi is still victorious without using PSY Qualia. Kyou thinks that he would like to see Aichi fight Ren, but, at that moment, Tetsu enters.

Seeing an opportunity to pit Aichi against another member of AL4, Kyou asks if Tetsu is interested in the person who defeated him, and reveals that Aichi has PSY Qualia. Tetsu is intrigued, as he had thought the ability to be unique to Ren, and he challenges Aichi to a fight. Aichi agrees, under the condition that if he wins, Tetsu will order Foo Fighter to stop harassing card shops.

The fight begins, both Kyou and Tetsu hoping to see Aichi exhibit PSY Qualia.

Featured Units

Shadow Paladin

Oracle Think Tank

Royal Paladin

Dark Irregulars

Unknown Clan

Featured Cardfight(s)

Fighters Outcome
Misaki Tokura vs Ren Suzugamori Ren Wins
Aichi Sendou vs Gan Aichi Wins
Aichi Sendou vs Professor O Aichi Wins
Aichi Sendou vs Tetsu Shinjou Ongoing