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"Charge" (突撃チャージ!! Chāji!!, "Charge!!") is a keyword exclusive to the Spike Brothers clan, and introduced in G Technical Booster 1: The RECKLESS RAMPAGE.

How it Works

A "Charge" ability only activates when the unit possessing it is placed on (RC) due to any effect. When it does, you may have it become charging state, and it remains in charging state until end of turn. However, you must put any unit that is in charging state from the field on the bottom of your deck, at the end of any battle in which that unit has participated, either because it attacked or boosted.

Effect Use Timing

  • "When (unit) becomes charging..." refers to when the specified unit changes from not being in charging state to being in charging state in order to be activated.
  • "If (unit) is charging..." refers to whether the specified unit is charging state at that moment after being activated.

List of Cards

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List of Support Cards

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  • The kanji "突撃" (Totsugeki) can be translated as "Assault".
  • In the anime, units in charging state emit an electrified aura.