T-TD01-004TH (Sample)

Black Crow Mask

"Contest" (ประกวด Prakwd) is a keyword exclusive to The Mask Collection clan, and introduced in Thailand Trial Deck 1: The Mask Collection.

How it Works

A "Contest" ability allows the specified units compete between them. While competing, the power of both units at that time is compared, and whichever unit with the lowest amount of power is retired. After deciding a loser, if the opponent has the losing unit, they may then choose to discard a card from hand, forcing the other player to retire the unit with greater amount of power instead.

List of Cards

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

List of Support Cards

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Grade 4


  • "ประกวด" means "to compete/contest", whereas "การประกวด (Kārprakwd)" means "competition/contest".