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For the card versions, see Vanguard Fighter, DAIGO / Legendary Star, DAIGO / Black DAIGO .

Character Information
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Deck(s): Royal Paladin
Relative(s): Unknown
Friends: Kourin Tatsunagi
Suiko Tatsunagi
Aichi Sendou
Enemies: Unknown
Avatar Card: Movie: Majesty Lord Blaster
Season 2: White Dragon Knight, Pendragon
Season 3: Sanctuary Guard Dragon
First Anime Appearance: Episode 83
Voiced by: DAIGO (Japanese)
Phil Fulton (English)


Not much is known about Daigo except that he is famous for being a "legendary fighter". Daigo is a playful character and stands up for justice. In the anime, he is trapped in a space-time warp (as a side effect of the Royal Paladins' sealing). Daigo, both in the movie and the anime, uses a Royal Paladin Deck. The Royal Paladin Deck he used in episode 83 consisted of White Dragon Knight, Pendragon and Knight of Determination, Lamorak as well as the classic Royal Paladins such as Little Sage, Marron, Flash Shield, Iseult, Knight of Silence, Gallatin, and Soul Saver Dragon.


During the movie, Daigo uses a Royal Paladin deck which was lended by Hiroki Miura. Then, during its fight of tournament, the deck is focused in Majesty Lord Blaster, with a Superior Ride very lucky using Zenon.



Second Season

In the anime, Daigo follows using a Royal Paladin deck, now with cards from Cavalry of Black Steel, like White Dragon Knight, Pendragon, focuses on Soul Saver Dragon, and without Blaster Blade.


Third Season


In episode 119, Daigo uses a new Royal Paladin deck, with cards from the structure deck DAIGO Special Set. It centers on using Sanctuary Guard Dragon and utilising the Grade 1 or lower units for the activation of Sanctuary Guard Dragon's Limit Break.



  • Even if a great number of years pass your fighting spirit will never waver! Ride The Vanguard! White Dragon Knight *Pendragon!
  • Do a fantastic jump over the limit with a marvelous leap! Pendragon, Limit Break!
  • Guardian deity of the knights, give your power to Pendragon, the king who commands of all dragons! Superior ride The Vanguard!
  • Pure, proud knight! I ride White Dragon Knight, Pendragon!
  • Spread the wings, ancient white dragon knight! Pendragon, Glorious Wing Limit Break!
  • From the absolutely beautiful, sacred world, swoop down on luminous wings! Sanctuary Guard Dragon!



Record (Season 2)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Unknown Fighter 83 Undetermined
Leon Soryu 83 Lose
Kyou Yahagi 83 Unknown
Record (Season 3)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Kourin Tatsunagi 119 Win

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