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The Dark Irregulars (ダークイレギュラーズ Dāku Iregyurāzu) are a clan from the Dark Zone nation. Their theme is increasing the size of the soul and gaining advantage based on the number of cards in the soul. The cards in this clan are largely based on dark imagery of various mythologies, stories and include even 'mutants' who are shunned because of their otherwordly abilties. 

Tetsu Shinjou uses this clan in all seasons of the anime and manga.

Jun Mutsuki use this clan in Season 1 of anime.

Sets containing Dark Irregulars cards

Shared Races


List of Dark Irregulars cards

Grade 0

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3


  • All units with the term "of Nightmareland" are from the famous  book "Alice in Wonderland" or its sequel "Through the Looking Glass".
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