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Dark Zone (ダークゾーン Daaku Zōn) is a nation of dark societies whose true leadership is yet to be determined.

The Dark Irregulars are an army that gained power through the black arts and forbidden science. Demon World Marquis, Amon is a self-proclaimed leader. He has gained much power through his vassals, which are known as Amon's Followers.

The Spike Brothers Blood Ball team is led by General Seifried. Blood Ball and Gallows Ball are apparently popular sports in the Dark Zone, with Spike Brothers coming up as the championship team. Blood Ball is said to be a combination of Rugby and American Football.

While the Pale Moon circus' leadership is the least clear of the three, it appears that the Hades Ringmaster is in charge. Their circus, while popular, serves covertly as an elite assassination corps. It is suggested that they have no true agenda, and will serve whomever is the champion in the Demon World Cup.

The Gear Chronicle group has no clear leadership and are a group of time travelers who like to send their opponents into the past or the future, according to their troops they seem to be led by Chronojet Dragon.

This nation is represented with the color purple.

Clans from Dark Zone

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