Daunting Deletor, Oksizz

"Delete" (デリート Derīto) is a keyword exclusive to the "Deletors" from the Link Joker clan, and was introduced in Movie Trial Deck 1: Malefic Deletor.

Despite this mechanic being unique, as well as requiring reminder text when it was first introduced, "Delete" itself is not considered to be Link Joker's keyword by Cardfight!! Vanguard G's definition.

How it Works

When a vanguard is deleted, it is turned face down and retains its standing or resting state. At the end of the owner's turn, the deleted vanguard is turned face up and ceases to be deleted. While that unit is deleted, its original power becomes 0 and it loses all abilities that are written on its face up side. However, skill icon and other characteristics on the deleted unit remain. Also, the deleted vanguard can still get power and effects from other cards, and it can attack (as well as to be boosted) normally during its owner's turn.

The deleted vanguard is still considered to be the same unit as the original. A deleted vanguard that is in the Legion state retains that state while deleted, in this case both legion leader and mate are deleted. If a unit rides on top of a deleted vanguard, they are put into the soul face up, and if a G Unit Strides, the deleted unit becomes a face up heart card.

List of Cards

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List of Support Cards

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: What can't Deleted unit(s) do?
    A1: The abilities written in that vanguard's text box cannot be used. The deleted vanguard can still be ridden by another unit, can attack and can be boosted. The "Twin Drive!!" of a deleted vanguard is not lost.
  • Q2: When a vanguard in Legion is deleted, what will happen?
    A2: Turn both units face down. The power of both cards become 0, and their texts are lost. However, the status of being "in Legion" is not lost. At the end of your (the owner's turn), turn both cards face up. If you ride a unit over the deleted vanguard in legion, put both cards into the soul face up.
  • Q3: When a deleted unit, boosted by a unit with 6000 power, attacks an opponent's unit with 11000 power, if it gains +5000 power due to a trigger, will the attack hit?
    A3: Yes. Delete is an ability that reduces the vanguard's power to 0. Any change in the power due to abilities and boost are not affected. Also, because critical is not affected, if that unit's attack hits a vanguard, it does damage.
  • Q4: If "Majesty Lord Blaster" is deleted, can the ability of "Knight of Loyalty, Bedivere" still be activated?
    A4: Yes. Only the power and abilities are lost. Everything else remains the same.
  • Q5: Can I ride a grade 2 unit over a deleted grade 3 vanguard?
    A5: No. Because Delete only causes the power and abilities to be lost, the unit's grade remains the same.
  • Q6: What happens to soul under a deleted unit?
    A6: Soul is unaffected by Delete.
  • Q7: When a unit rides a deleted vanguard with the Break Ride ability, and turns it face up, can its ability be activated?
    A7: No. Because the deleted unit is being ridden while its text is lost, so the ability cannot be activated.
  • Q8: When a G unit Strides a deleted vanguard with the Stride Bonus ability, and turns it face up, can its ability be activated?
    A8: No. Because the deleted unit is becoming a heart card while its text is lost, so the ability cannot be activated.
  • Q9: Can I see the face down card of an opponent?
    A9: Yes, You can. Carefully treat the opponent's cards. (Note: "Do not touch your opponent's cards without his or her permission. If you handle your opponent's cards, handle them with care.")
  • Q10: If a deleted unit has Restraint, can it attack?
    A10: Yes. Because the deleted unit loses its text, it loses its [CONT] abilities like Restraint and Lord.
  • Q12: When the deleted unit turns face up, will the unit's ability with "when this unit is placed on..." be activated?
    A12: No. Turning a unit face up from being deleted does not meet the requirement "when this unit is placed on...".


  • This ability was originally shown for the first time by Docking Deletor, Greion in the manga.
  • In the manga, a deleted vanguard is shown as turning the player itself into his or her "powerless astral form" on the Planet Cray, while the possessed unit is separated from body and disappears. When the player loses the game while deleted, he or she disappears.
  • During the Neon Messiah movie, it is shown how Oksizz pierces the unit's breast, pulling out that unit's core and making it explode with his hand. A black veil covers that card's artwork, while the power value, shield value, and grade/skill icon disappear.