Daunting Deletor, Oksizz

"Deletor" (根絶者デリーター Derītā) is a series of Alien cards with "Deletor" in its card name exclusive to the Link Joker clan, and introduced in Movie Trial Deck 1: Malefic Deletor.


The Deletors features a Keyword of their series' namesake: Delete and Vanish Delete. However, they still follow Link Joker's traditional style of Lock, albeit to less extent and focus.

The deck's usual play starts off by Deleting the opponent's vanguard, then following up with an attack that would cost a lot of Shield to guard against. This is worsened with additional effects the series gains with a Deleted Vanguard, including Lock.

The other Keyword, Vanish Delete, causes the opponent to bind cards from the drop zone, face down. This is done to destroy the opponent's drop zone, and possibly an important card(s), and finally lead to the use of Original Deletor, Egorg for an instant victory.

Many of the costs involve retiring their own rear-guards, so many of them can compensate for the cost.


The majority of the names use an obsolete Katakana, such as "wi" and "we" (ヰ and ヱ respectively). Also, the letter W in the Japanese romanization is silent (Example, Wokushizu reads as Oksizz). In the case of English, letter W is normally removed from the translation.


Who are the Deletors?

"Brandt", the wandering planet that strays in the universe and devours the existence of everything standing in its orbit, had once appeared on the marching path of "Link Joker"'s main force long time ago. Billions of soldiers were devoured by Brandt and were thought to be destroyed, but there were survivors who managed to adapt to the planet's environment. They have spent ages to familiarize their bodies with the planet, and succeeded in developing a symbiotic relationship with the ominously-formed creatures parasiting Brandt. "Link Joker" refers to them as "Deletors", and releases them into the universe once again. They, who are now predominating the planet's environment, continue to trample across the galaxies with Brandt.

List of "Deletor" Cards

Grade 0

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4


  • Deletors have an odd trait of most of the grade 3 cards not having any "special mechanics" such as Limit Break, Legion, or Generation Break unlike almost every "boss card" released since Season 2.
  • The G units known so far have a habit of having "we", "wi", "wo" in their names.
  • This is the first series in Link Joker not to be mechanical or semi-mechanical, but completely organic.
  • Based on certain flavors such as those of Greion and Guim, the official translation for the kanji (根絶者 Konzetsusha) would mean "Exterminator".
  • In the Japanese version of the manga, they are written as "デリーター" without kanji.
  • In the manga, Deletors seem to be something like a minor group when compared to another group called "Star Corpse" (星骸 Seigai) whose leader is Planetary Corpse King, Brandt.