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Dragonic Overlord the End
Name Dragonic Overlord the End
Japanese (Kana) ドラゴニック・オーバーロード・ジ・エンド
Phonetic Doragonikku Ōbārōdo ji Endo
Unit Type Normal Unit
Grade / Skill Grade 3 / Sk twindrive Twin Drive!!
Power 11000
Critical ★1
Nation Co dragon Dragon Empire
Clan Kagerō
Race Flame Dragon
Trigger None
Illust タカヤマトシアキ
Card Set(s)
  • Awakening of Twin Blades - BT05/005 (RRR) - BT05/S05 (SP)
    BT05/005KR (RRR) - BT05/S05KR (SP)
    BT05/005EN (RRR) - BT05/S05EN (SP)
Card Flavor(s)
(RRR): Put an end to all. Come forth, Eternal Apocalypse!
(SP): This is the beginning of the end, Eternal Apocalypse!
Card Effect(s)
[CONT](VC/RC):If you have a non-«Kagerō» vanguard or rear-guard, this unit gets [Power]-2000.
[CONT](VC):If you have a card named "Dragonic Overlord" in your soul, this unit gets [Power]+2000.
[AUTO](VC):[Counter Blast (2) & Choose a card named "Dragonic Overlord the End" from your hand, and discard it] When this unit's attack hits, you may pay the cost. If you do, [Stand] this unit.
Tournament Status
ENG Not Limited
JPN Not Limited
KRN Not Limited
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