Dragheart, Luard

"Dragwizards" (竜刻魔道士ドラグウィザード Doraguwizādo) are a series of cards exclusive to the Shadow Paladin clan, and introduced in G Trial Deck 10: Ritual of Dragon Sorcery. Most share the title "Drag" (ドラグ Doragu) in their card names, and dress as black mages.

They do not yet have a defined playstyle, but instead use a variety of Shadow Paladin mechanics, along with "Ritual" abilities. They also use the support cards for Luard.


"Dragshift" and "Dragwizard" (Monthly Bushiroad 2016 December Issue)

Since ancient times, the holy nation United Sanctuary's legend tells the reincarnation into dragons--- and "Dragshift" is the secret arts to artificially create this result. Users and learners of Dragshift are called "Dragwizards".

The basis of Dragshift is "to reconstruct body tissue and flowing mana to resemble those of dragons". And by learning the basis, one can use part of the power of Dragshift. But, learning of this basis costs several years to several decades. The most basic guideline is to learn gradually, to increase the number of reconstructable parts, but there are geniuses who can skip multiple phases.

There are many unclear parts about Dragshift. One theory says the power gathers the power of "time shift", and many researches claim that Dragshift is related to "Gear Chronicle".

List of "Dragwizard" and Related Cards

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  • The kanji used on "Dragwizard" cards, "竜刻魔道士" (Ryūkoku Madōshi) literally means "Dragon Engraved Mage", while the title varies on other cards.