Duo Afternoon Tea, Parana
Duoデュオ 安らぎの紅茶アフタヌーンティー パラナ
English - Japanese


Name Duo Afternoon Tea, Parana
Kanji Duo 安らぎの紅茶 パラナ
Kana デュオ アフタヌーンティー パラナ
Phonetic Dyuo Afutanūntī Parana
Card Type Normal Unit
Grade / Skill Grade 1 / Sk boost Boost
Power 7000
Critical Critical icon1
Shield 5000
Nation Co mega Magallanica
Clan Bermuda Triangle
Race Mermaid
Trigger Effect None
Illust さくらねこ
Card Set(s)
  • Divas Duet - EB10/021 (B/W) (C)
    EB10/021EN (B/W) (C)
Card Flavor(s)
(Black): I love the moment, when the fragrance of tea permeates gently.
(White): Can I look at it, just a little more?
Card Effect(s)
[AUTO](RC):When this unit attacks, if you have a vanguard with "Duo" in its card name, this unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of that battle.
Tournament Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
KR Unlimited
TH Unlimited
IT Unlimited
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