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Comic Style Vol.1 is the 1st Extra Booster Set released in the Japanese/Korean format, and the 3rd released in the English format.



伊藤彰/Daisuke Izuka/funbolt/Hirokorin/Morechand/ToMo/touge666/ZB/石田バル/イトウヨウイチ/木下勇樹/コガラツ/米谷尚展/茶壱/齋藤タヶオ/山宗/スズキゴロウ/田所哲平/たにめそ/てるみぃ/萩谷薫/パトリシア/前河悠一/碧風羽/三好載克/村瀬倫太郎/瞑丸イヌチヨ/山崎太郎




English version

뱅가드 엑스트라부스터 1탄 코믹스타일00:21

뱅가드 엑스트라부스터 1탄 코믹스타일

Korean version

Card list

Code Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity
EB01/001 Perfect Raizer 3 Nova Grappler RRR
EB01/002 Dueling Dragon, ZANBAKU 3 Murakumo RRR
EB01/003 Hi-powered Raizer Custom 2 Nova Grappler RR
EB01/004 Golden Beast Tamer 3 Pale Moon RR
EB01/005 Machining Stag Beetle 3 Megacolony RR
EB01/006 Imperial Daughter 3 Oracle Think Tank RR
EB01/007 Weather Forecaster, Miss Mist 1 Oracle Think Tank RR
EB01/008 Miss Splendor 3 Nova Grappler R
EB01/009 Rocket Hammer Man 1 Nova Grappler R
EB01/010 Twin Swordsman, MUSASHI 3 Murakumo R
EB01/011 Promise Daughter 2 Oracle Think Tank R
EB01/012 Bellicosity Dragon 2 Kagerō R
EB01/013 Guard Griffin 1 Kagerō R
EB01/014 Sage of Guidance, Zenon 1 Royal Paladin R + SP
EB01/015 Savage King 3 Tachikaze R
EB01/016 Boomerang Thrower 2 Nova Grappler C
EB01/017 Raizer Custom 1 Nova Grappler C
EB01/018 Wall Boy 0 Nova Grappler Heal C
EB01/019 Cat Butler 0 Nova Grappler C
EB01/020 Battleraizer 0 Nova Grappler Stand C
EB01/021 Jumping Jill 2 Pale Moon C
EB01/022 Nitro Juggler 2 Pale Moon C
EB01/023 Starting Presenter 1 Pale Moon C
EB01/024 Hoop Magician 0 Pale Moon Stand C
EB01/025 Lark Pigeon 0 Pale Moon C
EB01/026 Swift Archer, FUSHIMI 2 Murakumo C
EB01/027 Left Arrester 2 Murakumo C
EB01/028 Right Arrester 2 Murakumo C
EB01/029 Machining Mantis 2 Megacolony C
EB01/030 Machining Hornet 1 Megacolony C
EB01/031 Machining Worker Ant 0 Megacolony C
EB01/032 Shelter Beetle 0 Megacolony Critical C
EB01/033 Lozenge Magus 0 Oracle Think Tank Heal C
EB01/034 Prowling Dragon, Striken 2 Kagerō C
EB01/035 Spike Bouncer 2 Spike Brothers C

Clan/Grade Breakdown

Clan Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Total
Nova Grappler 3 2 2 2 9
Pale Moon 2 1 2 1 6
Murakumo - - 3 2 5
Megacolony 2 1 1 1 5
Oracle Think Tank 1 1 1 1 4
Kagerō - 1 2 - 3
Royal Paladin - 1 - - 1
Tachikaze - - - 1 1
Spike Brothers - - 1 - 1

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