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Extra Booster: Divas Duet

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VG-EB10 Divas Duet

Japanese Name:



Utahime no Dyuetto


Duet of Divas

Release Date:

March 21st, 2014 (JP)
August 15, 2014 (EN)

Set Gallery Japanese:


Set Gallery English:


Previous Set:

VG-EB09 Divine Dragon Progression

Next Set:

Extra Booster: Requiem at Dusk

"Divas Duet" is the 10th Extra Booster released. This pack comes on two versions, "Black version" and "White version". Both have the same cards with alternative arts.


  • Features further support for the Bermuda Triangle clan.
  • There are a total of 70 cards (6 RRR, 10 RR, 16 R, 38 C + 16 SP), separated into 35 cards for each version.
    • Black: 3 RRR, 5 RR, 8 R, 19 C + 8 SP.
    • White: 3 RRR, 5 RR, 8 R, 19 C + 8 SP.
  • The poster's slogan is "White me" or "Black me", which do you like?".
  • Each Japanese and English display includes 1 random card of 3 new Promo Cards, all of them in RRR.
  • Each display will contain 1 Foil PR card (out of 3 designs) as a box topper




カードファイト!! ヴァンガード 歌姫の二重奏 CM00:16

カードファイト!! ヴァンガード 歌姫の二重奏 CM

Japanese version

Card List

Code (B/W) Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity
EB10/001 Duo Stage Storm, Iori 3 Bermuda Triangle RRR+SP
EB10/002 Duo Temptation, Reit 3 Bermuda Triangle RRR+SP
EB10/003 Duo True Sister, Meer 3 Bermuda Triangle RRR+SP
EB10/004 Duo Flower Girl, Lily 3 Bermuda Triangle RR+SP
EB10/005 Duo Mini Heart, Rhone 2 Bermuda Triangle RR+SP
EB10/006 PR♥ISM-Duo, Slaney 2 Bermuda Triangle RR+SP
EB10/007 Duo Promise Day, Colima 1 Bermuda Triangle RR+SP
EB10/008 PR♥ISM-Duo, Aria 1 Bermuda Triangle RR+SP
EB10/009 Duo Sweet Rhythm, Vilaine 3 Bermuda Triangle R
EB10/010 Duo Kelpie Jockey, Syr Darya 2 Bermuda Triangle R
EB10/011 Duo Dream Idol, Sana 2 Bermuda Triangle R
EB10/012 Duo Magical Mic, Sharlene 2 Bermuda Triangle R
EB10/013 Duo Blue Marine Chateau, Thames 2 Bermuda Triangle R
EB10/014 Duo Petit Etoile, Peace 1 Bermuda Triangle R
EB10/015 Duo Pretty Horn, Ural 1 Bermuda Triangle R
EB10/016 PR♥ISM-Duo, Tisza 0 Bermuda Triangle R
EB10/017 Duo Lady Canotier, Salinas 3 Bermuda Triangle C
EB10/018 Duo Toybox, Menam 2 Bermuda Triangle C
EB10/019 Duo White Crystal, Ricca 2 Bermuda Triangle C
EB10/020 PR♥ISM-Duo, Avon 2 Bermuda Triangle C
EB10/021 Duo Afternoon Tea, Parana 1 Bermuda Triangle C
EB10/022 Duo Shiny Tone, Chicora 1 Bermuda Triangle C
EB10/023 Duo Dream Idol, Myne 1 Bermuda Triangle C
EB10/024 Duo Beast Ear, Loulou 1 Bermuda Triangle C
EB10/025 PR♥ISM-Duo, Yarmuk 1 Bermuda Triangle C
EB10/026 Duo Clear Parasol, Kura 1 Bermuda Triangle C
EB10/027 Duo Lovers' Singer, Darling 0 Bermuda Triangle C
EB10/028 Duo Treasure Hunter, Swany 0 Bermuda Triangle C
EB10/029 Duo Pride Crown, Madeira 0 Bermuda Triangle Critical C
EB10/030 Duo Gran Pasturn, Syanon 0 Bermuda Triangle Critical C
EB10/031 Duo Morning Charm, Liffey 0 Bermuda Triangle Draw C
EB10/032 Duo Lamplight Melody, Tigris 0 Bermuda Triangle Draw C
EB10/033 Duo Soulful Melody, Selenga 0 Bermuda Triangle Stand C
EB10/034 Duo Tropical Healer, Mejelda 0 Bermuda Triangle Heal C
EB10/035 Duo Night Wing, Dungrilo 0 Bermuda Triangle Stand C

Clan/Grade Breakdown

Clan Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Total
Bermuda Triangle 10 10 9 6 35

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