"Fight Formats" are different modes in which a Cardfight!! Vanguard match can be played, and each format provides its own rules. Unless otherwise stated, the Standard Fight Rules are applied normally in each format, including trigger effects and the Sentinel ability.


Premium Standard

G Standard

This format will be discontinued in October 2018.
  • Only cards that do not belong the "V Series" era (i.e. cards without the V-icon symbol) can be used.
    • Cards with the code VPR/0001, V-SD01/001-014 and V-SD02/001-014 are treated as having the V-icon symbol.
  • Only Clan Fight regulation is applied.

Special Formats

Pack Fight

Main article: Pack Fight Rules
  • Open booster packs, and then build a deck by using cards from there to play a cardfight.

Relay Fight

Main article: Relay Fight Rules
  • A cardfight consisting of teams 3 vs 3, where each player relays with its teammate who will continue fighting for it.

Tag Fight

Main article: Tag Fight Rules
  • A cardfight consisting of teams 2 vs 2, where each team sits together on one side of the table.

Flash Fight

  • A main deck only consists of 25 cards.
  • Only 4 damage is needed to win the game.
  • Only 8 trigger units are allowed (maximum of 2 heal triggers).
  • Other rules are the same as Classic.

Draft Fight

Main article: Booster Draft.

Classic Format

This is no longer an official tournament format.

  • Clan mixing is allowed, but clan restriction in texts still applies.
  • Fighter's Rule applies.