"Final Turn" (ファイナルターン Fainarutān) is an expression used by many prominent Vanguard fighters in the anime, either occasionally or consistently. It was first used by Toshiki Kai, and has since been used by multiple other characters. So far in the anime, the first person to have used this phrase is Kai although it is unknown whether the phrase originated from him or not. Though Kai is the one that made this phrase famous, he does not use it in every game that he wins. Kai's Final Turn call is usually accompanied by his theme.

Final Turn is a declaration of assured victory, claiming that the user will win the fight in the current turn. It is called either before (Kai and most others) or after (Ren) the Stand and Draw Phase. With Aichi Sendou, it has become synonymous with his use of PSY Qualia and later his use of the Shadow Paladin deck.

It should be noted that near the end of the anime's first season, Final Turn acquired rather negative connotations. Aichi used it in a cruel, derogatory manner to demean his opponents before finishing them off while under the influence of PSY Qualia, and even Kai was implied to have begun using the phrase after Ren used it in a similar state. Kai mostly stopped using the phrase after he became less cold and single-minded about Vanguard, most importantly after Aichi fell under the influence of PSY Qualia. It was used again sparsely during the second season, most importantly by Leon Soryu, who also possessed PSY Qualia. In season 3, it is repeatedly used mostly by Reverse fighters.

It must also be noted that using the phrase in a real life environment is frowned upon, and is even a punishable offense during some tournaments.

List of Final Turn calls

Fighter Episode Opponent Succeeded? Finisher
Toshiki Kai 12 Misaki Tokura Yes Vortex Dragon
Toshiki Kai 13 Kamui Katsuragi Yes Dragonic Overlord
Gouki Daimonji 14 Aichi Sendou Yes Monster Frank
Toshiki Kai 20 Kaoru "Kaboom" Komatsubara Yes Blazing Flare Dragon
Ren Suzugamori 23 Kourin Tatsunagi Yes Top Idol, Flores
Toshiki Kai 29 "Kick" Shuu Yes Blazing Flare Dragon
Misaki Tokura 29 "Punch" Ken Yes CEO Amaterasu
Kyou Yahagi 30 Toshiki Kai No Highspeed, Brakki
Toshiki Kai 30 Kyou Yahagi Yes Dual Axe Archdragon
Ren Suzugamori 33 Kenji Mitsusada Yes Blaster Dark
Toshiki Kai 36 Jun Mutsuki Yes Dual Axe Archdragon
Taishi Miwa 38 Aichi Sendou No Dragonic Overlord
Toshiki Kai 40 Team Chemistry Member Yes Dual Axe Archdragon
Aichi Sendou 42 Kyou Yahagi Yes Young Pegasus Knight
Aichi Sendou 43 Kourin Tatsunagi Yes Blaster Dark
Aichi Sendou 45 Gunji Rukudo Yes Phantom Blaster Dragon
Kiriya Bidou 48 Aichi Sendou No Barking Cerberus
Aichi Sendou 48 Kiriya Bidou Yes Phantom Blaster Dragon
Ren Suzugamori 49 Toshiki Kai (Flashback) Interrupted Blaster Dark
Aichi Sendou 50 Toshiki Kai No Blaster Dark
Toshiki Kai 50 Aichi Sendou Interrupted Unknown
Katsumi Morikawa 51 (English dub) Aichi Sendou Yes King of Sword
Misaki Tokura 53 Team Wilds Angels Member Yes CEO Amaterasu
Tetsu Shinjou 53 Kiriya Bidou Yes Demon World Marquis, Amon
Ren Suzugamori 58 Toshiki Kai Yes Phantom Blaster Overlord
Ren Suzugamori 65 Aichi Sendou No Phantom Blaster Overlord
Toshiki Kai 67 Aichi Sendou Yes Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion
Kyou Yahagi 77 Toshiki Kai No Juggernaut Maximum
Toshiki Kai 77 Kyou Yahagi Yes Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion
Toshiki Kai 80 Kamui Katsuragi Yes Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion
Kenji Mitsusada 82 Ren Suzugamori Yes Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daiyusha
Leon Soryu 83 Daigo Yes Coral Assault
Naoki Ishida 126 Aichi Sendou No Homing Eradicator, Rochishin
Toshiki Kai 129 Tetsu Shinjou Yes Star-vader, Nebula Lord Dragon
Ren Suzugamori 130 Suiko Tatsunagi Yes Revenger, Raging Form Dragon
Tetsu Shinjou 134 Ren Suzugamori No Amon's Follower, Ron Geenlin
Taishi Miwa 148 Jun Mutsuki Yes Dauntless Dominate Dragon "Яeverse"
Toshiki Kai 154 Aichi Sendou Yes Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon
Reversed Takuto 156 Original Takuto Yes

Star-vader, "Omega" Glendios

Ren Suzugamori 159 Toshiki Kai No Revenger, Dragruler Phantom
Toshiki Kai 159 Ren Suzugamori Yes Dragonic Overlord "The Яe-birth"
Toshiki Kai 163 Aichi Sendou No

Dragonic Overlord "The Яe-birth"

Olivier Gaillard 184 Kamui Katsuragi Yes Bluish Flame Liberator, Prominence Core and Oath Liberator, Aglovale
Raul Serra 188 Ratie Curti Yes

Star-vader, Dark Zodiac and Star-vader, Astro-reaper

Raul Serra 190 Olivier Gaillard No Unrivaled Star-vader, Radon
Olivier Gaillard 190 Raul Serra Yes Bluish Flame Liberator, Prominence Glare and Regulation Liberator, Aglovale
Toshiki Kai 192 Olivier Gaillard Yes Perdition Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord the Great and Perdition Dragon, Dragonic Neoflame
Toshiki Kai 194 Aichi Sendou Yes Perdition Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord the Great and Perdition Dragon, Dragonic Neoflame
Shouma Shinonome G 31 (Dub Only) Shion Kiba Yes Mythic Beast, Fenrir
Jaime Alcaraz (for Chrono Shindou) G 48 Kouji Ibuki Yes Chronojet Dragon
Toshiki Kai GC 6 Shion Kiba Yes Dragonic Overlord (Break Ride)
Toshiki Kai GC 6 Shion Kiba Unknown Unknown
Shion Kiba GC 7 Taishi Miwa Yes Aerial Divine Knight, Altmile
Toshiki Kai GC 12 Shion Kiba Yes Dragonic Deathscythe
Shion Kiba GC 24 Toshiki Kai Yes Divine Knight of Rainbow Brocade, Clotenus