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Like with most card games,you have the basic odds of cards of a certain rarity popping up in each and every pack you buy. Not counting cards that are basically guaranteed like Commons and regular Rares,what are the chances of getting cards of a certain rarity in each and every booster pack you buy?

These chances are based on a purchase of a 30 pack box set.

Common 4:1 Pack

Rare 1:1 Pack

RR 1:6 Packs

RRR 1:10 Packs

SP 1:480 Packs or 1:16 Boxes

-You get 5 RR's and 3 RRR's in a box. As for SP some boxes have them, some don't. And they sometimes replace a RRR. -Sol.

-Actually its either 3 RRRs or 1 SP and 2 RRRs~ and SP are 1:4 boxes if u buy 1 carton of 16 boxes~ xiaoxu

every case will have at least 4

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