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G Booster Set 11: Descent of the Rogue Deity

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"Descent of the Rogue Deity" is the 11th G Booster Set released in the Japanese and English formats.




Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity
G-BT11/001 Holy Divine Knight, Gancelot Peace Saver 4 Royal Paladin GR+SGR
G-BT11/002 GR+SGR
G-BT11/003 RRR
G-BT11/004 RRR
G-BT11/005 RRR
G-BT11/006 RRR
G-BT11/007 RRR
G-BT11/008 RRR
G-BT11/009 RRR
G-BT11/010 RRR
G-BT11/011 RRR
G-BT11/012 RR
G-BT11/013 RR
G-BT11/014 RR
G-BT11/015 RR
G-BT11/016 RR
G-BT11/017 RR
G-BT11/018 RR
G-BT11/019 RR
G-BT11/020 RR
G-BT11/021 RR
G-BT11/022 RR
G-BT11/023 RR
G-BT11/024 RR
G-BT11/025 R
G-BT11/026 R
G-BT11/027 R
G-BT11/028 R
G-BT11/029 R
G-BT11/030 R
G-BT11/031 R
G-BT11/032 R
G-BT11/033 R
G-BT11/034 R
G-BT11/035 R
G-BT11/036 R
G-BT11/037 R
G-BT11/038 R
G-BT11/039 R
G-BT11/040 R
G-BT11/041 R
G-BT11/042 R
G-BT11/043 R
G-BT11/044 R
G-BT11/045 R
G-BT11/046 R
G-BT11/047 R
G-BT11/048 R
G-BT11/049 C
G-BT11/050 C
G-BT11/051 C
G-BT11/052 C
G-BT11/053 C
G-BT11/054 C
G-BT11/055 C
G-BT11/056 C
G-BT11/057 C
G-BT11/058 C
G-BT11/059 C
G-BT11/060 C
G-BT11/061 C
G-BT11/062 C
G-BT11/063 C
G-BT11/064 C
G-BT11/065 C
G-BT11/066 C
G-BT11/067 C
G-BT11/068 C
G-BT11/069 C
G-BT11/070 C
G-BT11/071 C
G-BT11/072 C
G-BT11/073 C
G-BT11/074 C
G-BT11/075 C
G-BT11/076 C
G-BT11/077 C
G-BT11/078 C
G-BT11/079 C
G-BT11/080 C
G-BT11/081 C
G-BT11/082 C
G-BT11/083 C
G-BT11/084 C
G-BT11/085 C
G-BT11/086 C
G-BT11/087 C
G-BT11/088 C
G-BT11/089 C
G-BT11/090 C
G-BT11/091 C
G-BT11/092 C
G-BT11/093 C
G-BT11/094 C
G-BT11/095 C
G-BT11/096 C
G-BT11/097 C
G-BT11/098 C
G-BT11/099 C
G-BT11/100 C
G-BT11/101 C
G-BT11/102 C
G-BT11/103 C
G-BT11/104 C

Confirmed Cards

Card No. Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity
G-BT11/??? New Style Blaster, Llew 3 Royal Paladin
G-BT11/??? Alonegal 0 Royal Paladin Critical
G-BT11/??? ‎‎Prime Beauty, Amaruda 3 Genesis
G-BT11/??? ‎Dragonic Blademaster "Kouen" 3 Kagero
G-BT11/??? Honorable Stealth Rogue, Torasada 0 Nubatama Critical
G-BT11/??? Dark Knight of Nightmareland 0 Dark Irregulars Critical
G-BT11/??? ‎One Bathed in Sin, Scharhrot Dark Irregulars

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Royal Paladin
Dark Irregulars
Gear Chronicle
Cray Elemental

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