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"Generation Stride" is the 1st G Booster Set released in the Japanese and English format, and the 1st associated with Cardfight!! Vanguard G.



Daisuke Izuka/Hirokorin/HMK84/koji/Kotakan/lack/NINNIN/ToMo/touge369/uni/碧風羽/あおじ/安達洋介/雨宮慶太/石田バル/イシバシヨウスケ/苺野しずく/伊藤未生/えびら/沖路/おにねこ/垣野内成美/かわすみ/喜久屋めがね/木志田コテツ/樹人/近藤途轍/榊原璃子/東雲ルリヲ/じんてつ/純生文屋/汐山このむ/田所哲平/たにめそ/椿春雨/てるみぃ/天神英貴/トリダモノ/なかざき冬/中村エイト/中邑真輔/七瀬葵/七片藍/ねじ太/萩谷薫/パトリシア/はま/ひがし/ひと和/ぴよ/藤ちょこ/前河悠一/増田幹生/松島一夫/丸藤正道/丸山類/三好載克/村上ヒサシ/瞑丸イヌチヨ/百瀬寿/モレシャン/竜徹


Card List

Code Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity
G-BT01/001 Interdimensional Dragon, Chronoscommand Dragon 4 Gear Chronicle GR
G-BT01/002 Holy Dragon, Saint Blow Dragon 4 Royal Paladin RRR+SP
G-BT01/003 Sword Deity of the Thunder Break, Takemikazuchi 4 Oracle Think Tank RRR+SP
G-BT01/004 Supreme Heavenly Battle Deity, Susanoo 3 Oracle Think Tank RRR+SP
G-BT01/005 Flame Emperor Dragon King, Root Flare Dragon 4 Kagerō RRR+SP
G-BT01/006 Dragonic Overlord "The X" 3 Kagerō RRR+SP
G-BT01/007 Meteokaiser, Victoplasma 4 Nova Grappler RRR+SP
G-BT01/008 Exxtreme Battler, Victor 3 Nova Grappler RRR+SP
G-BT01/009 Interdimensional Dragon, Ragnaclock Dragon 4 Gear Chronicle RRR+SP
G-BT01/010 Knight of Fragment 2 Royal Paladin RR
G-BT01/011 Holy Knight Guardian 1 Royal Paladin RR
G-BT01/012 Diviner, Kuroikazuchi 2 Oracle Think Tank RR+SP
G-BT01/013 Arbitrator, Ame-no-Sagiri 1 Oracle Think Tank RR
G-BT01/014 Dragonic Blademaster 3 Kagerō RR+SP
G-BT01/015 Twilight Arrow Dragon 2 Kagerō RR+SP
G-BT01/016 Protect Orb Dragon 1 Kagerō RR
G-BT01/017 Cool Hank 2 Nova Grappler RR
G-BT01/018 Lady Cyclone 1 Nova Grappler RR
G-BT01/019 Fate Wheel Dragon 3 Gear Chronicle RR
G-BT01/020 Relic Master Dragon 2 Gear Chronicle RR+SP
G-BT01/021 Steam Maiden, Arlim 1 Gear Chronicle RR
G-BT01/022 Knight of Greatspear 3 Royal Paladin R
G-BT01/023 Starlight Violinist 2 Royal Paladin R
G-BT01/024 Laurel Knight, Sicilus 1 Royal Paladin R
G-BT01/025 Soaring Auspicious Beast, Kirin 4 Oracle Think Tank R
G-BT01/026 Obligate Robin 2 Oracle Think Tank R
G-BT01/027 Tankman Mode Morningstar 1 Oracle Think Tank R
G-BT01/028 Divine Sword, Ame-no-Murakumo 1 Oracle Think Tank R
G-BT01/029 Imperial Shrine Guard, Hahiki 0 Oracle Think Tank R
G-BT01/030 Divine Dragon Knight, Mahmud 4 Kagerō R
G-BT01/031 Energy Flame, Aethonic 1 Kagerō R
G-BT01/032 Lava Flow Dragon 1 Kagerō R
G-BT01/033 Dragon Monk Gyokuryu 1 Kagerō R
G-BT01/034 Wyvernkid Ragla 0 Kagerō R
G-BT01/035 Meteokaiser, Vic-Ten 4 Nova Grappler R
G-BT01/036 Muscle Shriek 3 Nova Grappler R
G-BT01/037 Masuraoraizer 2 Nova Grappler R
G-BT01/038 Extreme Battler, Arashid 1 Nova Grappler R
G-BT01/039 Ruin Disposal Dragon 3 Gear Chronicle R
G-BT01/040 Steam Knight, Puzur-Ili 2 Gear Chronicle R
G-BT01/041 Steam Breath Dragon 1 Gear Chronicle R
G-BT01/042 Steam Scara, Gigi 1 Gear Chronicle R
G-BT01/043 Miracle Element, Atmos 4 Cray Elemental R
G-BT01/044 Militaristic Knight, Marianus 3 Royal Paladin C
G-BT01/045 Seeker, Proudroar Lion 2 Royal Paladin C
G-BT01/046 Gigantech Shot Putter 1 Royal Paladin C
G-BT01/047 Knight of Shield Bash 1 Royal Paladin C
G-BT01/048 Bravogal Seeker 1 Royal Paladin C
G-BT01/049 Knight of Drawn Sword 0 Royal Paladin C
G-BT01/050 Knight of Flash 0 Royal Paladin Critical C
G-BT01/051 Encourage Angel 0 Royal Paladin Stand C
G-BT01/052 Battle Sister, Mille-feuille 3 Oracle Think Tank C
G-BT01/053 Imperial Shrine Guard, Asuha 2 Oracle Think Tank C
G-BT01/054 Diviner, Shinatsuhiko 2 Oracle Think Tank C
G-BT01/055 Tankman Mode Beamcannon 2 Oracle Think Tank C
G-BT01/056 Battle Sister, Marshmallow 2 Oracle Think Tank C
G-BT01/057 Imperial Shrine Guard, Tsunagai 1 Oracle Think Tank C
G-BT01/058 Diviner, Kuebiko 1 Oracle Think Tank C
G-BT01/059 Battle Sister, Lollipop 1 Oracle Think Tank C
G-BT01/060 Able Neil 1 Oracle Think Tank C
G-BT01/061 Assault Dive Eagle 0 Oracle Think Tank Critical C
G-BT01/062 Windfall, Daikokuten 0 Oracle Think Tank Draw C
G-BT01/063 Diviner, Sukunahikona 0 Oracle Think Tank Heal C
G-BT01/064 Paisley Magus 0 Oracle Think Tank Critical C
G-BT01/065 Nebula Witch, NoNo 0 Oracle Think Tank Stand C
G-BT01/066 Double Perish Dragon 3 Kagerō C
G-BT01/067 Wyvern Strike, Doha 2 Kagerō C
G-BT01/068 Dragon Knight, Jabad 2 Kagerō C
G-BT01/069 Hulkroar Dragon 2 Kagerō C
G-BT01/070 Perdition Berserker, Preta 2 Kagerō C
G-BT01/071 Dragon Knight, Tanaz 2 Kagerō C
G-BT01/072 Wyvern Strike, Garan 1 Kagerō C
G-BT01/073 Dragon Knight, Monireth 1 Kagerō C
G-BT01/074 Perdition Dancer, Anna 1 Kagerō C
G-BT01/075 Dragon Knight, Rashid 0 Kagerō Critical C
G-BT01/076 Magnum Shot Dracokid 0 Kagerō Critical C
G-BT01/077 Dragon Dancer, Ekaterina 0 Kagerō Draw C
G-BT01/078 Mother Orb Dragon 0 Kagerō Heal C
G-BT01/079 Lizard Soldier, Veira 0 Kagerō Stand C
G-BT01/080 Extreme Leader Mu-sashi 3 Nova Grappler C
G-BT01/081 Extreme Battler, Kenbeam 2 Nova Grappler C
G-BT01/082 Extreme Battler, Gunzork 2 Nova Grappler C
G-BT01/083 Extreme Battler, Sazanda 2 Nova Grappler C
G-BT01/084 Starlight Hedgehog 2 Nova Grappler C
G-BT01/085 Extreme Battler, Kendhol 1 Nova Grappler C
G-BT01/086 Aura Baller 1 Nova Grappler C
G-BT01/087 Katanaraizer 1 Nova Grappler C
G-BT01/088 Beast Deity, Frog Master 1 Nova Grappler C
G-BT01/089 Final Wrench 1 Nova Grappler C
G-BT01/090 Extreme Battler, Runbhol 0 Nova Grappler C
G-BT01/091 Extreme Battler, Hajimal 0 Nova Grappler C
G-BT01/092 Extreme Battler, Zanbhara 0 Nova Grappler Critical C
G-BT01/093 Drone Baron 0 Nova Grappler Draw C
G-BT01/094 Mirror Image, Gesolaz 0 Nova Grappler Stand C
G-BT01/095 Ring Girl, Ai 0 Nova Grappler Heal C
G-BT01/096 Energy Girl 0 Nova Grappler Stand C
G-BT01/097 Steam Maiden, Elul 3 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT01/098 Mechanized Gear Tiger 2 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT01/099 Summit Crest Gear Wolf 1 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT01/100 Steam Rider, Dizkal 1 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT01/101 Timepiece Dracokid 0 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT01/102 Steam Battler, Meshda 0 Gear Chronicle Critical C
G-BT01/103 Wakey Wakey Worker 0 Gear Chronicle Stand C

Clan/Grade Breakdown

Clan Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Total
Royal Paladin 3 5 3 2 1 14
Oracle Think Tank 6 7 6 2 2 23
Kagerō 6 7 6 3 2 24
Nova Grappler 7 7 6 3 2 25
Gear Chronicle 3 5 3 3 2 16
Cray Elemental - - - - 1 1


  • The kanji (時空超越 Jikūchōetsu) mean "Interdimensional Transcendence".

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