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G Booster Set 7: Glorious Bravery of Radiant Sword

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"Glorious Bravery of Radiant Sword" is the 7th G Booster Set released in the Japanese and English formats.



Azul/Azusa/COGA/DaisukeIzuka/Eel/funbolt/Hako/Hirokorin/HMK84/KAZTO FURUYA/lack/LQH/mado*pen/NINNIN/TODEE/ToMo/touge369/uni/wild boad 33/xiaji/アオガチョウ/あおじ/麻谷知世/安達洋介/天野英/あんべよしろう/石田バル/イシバシヨウスケ/伊藤彰/伊藤未生/ウスダヒロ/海鵜げそ/えびら/沖路/オンダカツキ/かわすみ/菊屋シロウ/喜久屋めがね/木下勇樹/樹人/葛谷荘人/倉本可南/古賀あずさ/近藤途轍/茶壱/齋藤タヶオ/榊原璃子/サカヤギ/坂井結城/サブロー/鹿澄ハル/シノマル/斯比/霜月友/ショースケ/白井秀実/じんてつ/ゼンジ/タイキ/田島幸枝/タダ/田所哲平/たにめそ/谷裕司/筒井海砂/椿春雨/てるみぃ/とい/中村エイト/七片藍/ねじ太/萩谷薫/パトリシア/ぴよ/ふーみ/藤ちょこ/前河悠一/増田幹生/松島一夫/祀花よう子/まろ/碧風羽/みよしの/村上ヒサシ/瞑丸イヌチヨ/めろん22/百瀬寿/モレシャン/山﨑奈苗/やまだ六角/ヨシモト/よも


Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity
G-BT07/001 Sunrise Ray Radiant Sword, Gurguit 4 Gold Paladin GR+SGR
G-BT07/002 Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Defeat Flare Dragon 4 Kagerō GR+SGR
G-BT07/003 Black Seraph, Gavrail 4 Angel Feather RRR+SP
G-BT07/004 Knight of Spring's Light, Perimore 2 Gold Paladin RRR+SP
G-BT07/005 Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Blademaster "Taiten" 4 Kagerō RRR+SP
G-BT07/006 Super Cosmic Hero, X-gallop 4 Dimension Police RRR+SP
G-BT07/007 Cosmic Hero, Grandvolver 2 Dimension Police RRR+SP
G-BT07/008 Wings of Recurrence, Blade Wing Reijy 3 Dark Irregulars RRR+SP
G-BT07/009 Interdimensional Dragon, Bind Time Dragon 4 Gear Chronicle RRR+SP
G-BT07/010 Chronofang Tiger 3 Gear Chronicle RRR+SP
G-BT07/011 Holy Seraph, Suriel 4 Angel Feather RR+SP
G-BT07/012 Doctroid Remnon 1 Angel Feather RR+SP
G-BT07/013 Black Spark, Munkar 0 Angel Feather Critical RR
G-BT07/014 Golden Beast, Sleimy Flare 4 Gold Paladin RR
G-BT07/015 Scarface Lion 0 Gold Paladin Critical RR
G-BT07/016 Flame Wing Steel Beast, Denial Griffin 4 Kagero RR
G-BT07/017 Escort Dragon Attendant, Reas 1 Kagero RR+SP
G-BT07/018 Super Cosmic Hero, X-carivou 4 Dimension Police RR
G-BT07/019 Cosmic Hero, Grandleaf 1 Dimension Police RR+SP
G-BT07/020 Nighttime Gentleman, Saint-Germain 4 Dark Irregulars RR
G-BT07/021 One-eyed Succubus 0 Dark Irregulars Critical RR
G-BT07/022 Highbrow Steam, Raphanna 4 Gear Chronicle RR+SP
G-BT07/023 Retractor, Sarakiel 3 Angel Feather R
G-BT07/024 Black Dream, Zabaniya 2 Angel Feather R
G-BT07/025 Black Bomber, Maalik 1 Angel Feather R
G-BT07/026 Nurse of Smash Heart 1 Angel Feather R
G-BT07/027 Dawnngal 3 Gold Paladin R
G-BT07/028 Flame Wind Lion, Wonder Ezel 2 Gold Paladin R
G-BT07/029 Sunshine Knight, Jeffrey 1 Gold Paladin R
G-BT07/030 Holy Mage, Irena 1 Gold Paladin R
G-BT07/031 Spherical Lord Dragon 3 Kagerō R
G-BT07/032 Dragon Fang Chain-shots, Sutherland 3 Kagerō R
G-BT07/033 Radiant Dragon 2 Kagerō R
G-BT07/034 Dragon Knight, Roia 1 Kagerō R
G-BT07/035 Super Giant of Light, Enigman Crossray 4 Dimension Police R
G-BT07/036 Great Cosmic Hero, Grandmantle 3 Dimension Police R
G-BT07/037 Cosmic Hero, Grandrifter 2 Dimension Police R
G-BT07/038 Mask of Demonic Frenzy, Ericrius 4 Dark Irregulars R
G-BT07/039 Nine-break Hustler 3 Dark Irregulars R
G-BT07/040 Doppel Vampir 2 Dark Irregulars R
G-BT07/041 Doreen the Thruster 1 Dark Irregulars R
G-BT07/042 Blade Wing Tyrwhitt 1 Dark Irregulars R
G-BT07/043 Interdimensional Beast, Float-gear Hippogriff 4 Gear Chronicle R
G-BT07/044 Steam Scalar, Emellanna 1 Gear Chronicle R
G-BT07/045 Requiem Pegasus 3 Angel Feather C
G-BT07/046 Treatment Nurse 2 Angel Feather C
G-BT07/047 Frontal Celestial, Mel'ejal 2 Angel Feather C
G-BT07/048 Laser Clutcher, Ke'el 2 Angel Feather C
G-BT07/049 Rear Impetus Celestial, Armaiti 2 Angel Feather C
G-BT07/050 Celestial, Emergency Pegasus 1 Angel Feather C
G-BT07/051 Drill Motor Nurse 1 Angel Feather C
G-BT07/052 Black Report, Ridwan 0 Angel Feather C
G-BT07/053 Surgery Angel 0 Angel Feather Stand C
G-BT07/054 Knight of Compassionate Light, Bradott 3 Gold Paladin C
G-BT07/055 Bullrgal 2 Gold Paladin C
G-BT07/056 Knight of the Faint Sun, Marcia 2 Gold Paladin C
G-BT07/057 Crimson Lion Beast, Howell 1 Gold Paladin C
G-BT07/058 Holy Mage, Connor 1 Gold Paladin C
G-BT07/059 Aquamarine Lion, Shyte 0 Gold Paladin C
G-BT07/060 Bashhgal 0 Gold Paladin C
G-BT07/061 Player of the Holy Pipe, Gerrie 0 Gold Paladin Stand C
G-BT07/062 Dragon Knight, Basuit 3 Kagero C
G-BT07/063 Wyvern Strike, Galgi 3 Kagero C
G-BT07/064 Dragon Knight, Nadim 2 Kagero C
G-BT07/065 Seal Dragon, Barathea 2 Kagero C
G-BT07/066 Apex Dragon Mage, Kinnara 2 Kagero C
G-BT07/067 Dragon Dancer, Marcel 1 Kagero C
G-BT07/068 Dragon Knight, Nadel 1 Kagero C
G-BT07/069 Seal Dragon, Doskin 1 Kagero C
G-BT07/070 Serrated Dracokid 0 Kagero C
G-BT07/071 Spiritburn Dragon 0 Kagero Critical C
G-BT07/072 Inspire Yell Dragon 0 Kagero Stand C
G-BT07/073 Cosmic Hero, Grandgardy 3 Dimension Police C
G-BT07/074 Elegance Feather 3 Dimension Police C
G-BT07/075 Enigman Crescent 2 Dimension Police C
G-BT07/076 Menacing Monster, Golmenas 2 Dimension Police C
G-BT07/077 Enigman Squall 1 Dimension Police C
G-BT07/078 Cosmic Hero, Grandvicle 1 Dimension Police C
G-BT07/079 Foxy Charmy 1 Dimension Police C
G-BT07/080 Magical Inspector Tolbe 1 Dimension Police C
G-BT07/081 Cosmic Hero, Grandhop 0 Dimension Police C
G-BT07/082 Justice Gold 0 Dimension Police Critical C
G-BT07/083 Enigman Warm 0 Dimension Police Draw C
G-BT07/084 Operator Girl, Erika 0 Dimension Police Heal C
G-BT07/085 Cosmic Hero, Grandscold 0 Dimension Police Stand C
G-BT07/086 Frosty Steeple 3 Dark Irregulars C
G-BT07/087 Tragic Claw 2 Dark Irregulars C
G-BT07/088 Blade Wing Sykes 2 Dark Irregulars C
G-BT07/089 Three-in the Dark 2 Dark Irregulars C
G-BT07/090 Combust Vampir 1 Dark Irregulars C
G-BT07/091 Serpent Charmer 1 Dark Irregulars C
G-BT07/092 Blade Wing Rodbiss 1 Dark Irregulars C
G-BT07/093 Enigmatic Assassin 0 Dark Irregulars C
G-BT07/094 Werbrummbar Soldat 0 Dark Irregulars Stand C
G-BT07/095 Square-one Dragon 3 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT07/096 Steam Knight, Mudar 2 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT07/097 Drain-valve Dragon 2 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT07/098 Quiet Sleep-calling Gear Tapir 2 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT07/099 Steam Fighter, Attab 1 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT07/100 Parallel Barrel Dragon 1 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT07/101 Steam Fighter, Nanneya 1 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT07/102 Tooth-edge Dracokid 0 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT07/103 Steam Scalar, Lange 0 Gear Chronicle Critical C
G-BT07/104 Snow Elemental, Hyakko 1 Cray Elemental C
G-BT07/S13 Golden Beast, Sleimy Flare 4 Gold Paladin SP
G-BT07/S14 Sunrise Ray Knight, Gurguit 3 Gold Paladin SP
G-BT07/S15 Dawning Knight, Gorboduc 1 Gold Paladin SP
G-BT07/S16 Scarface Lion 0 Gold Paladin Critical SP
G-BT07/S17 Holy Seraph, Suriel 4 Angel Feather SP
G-BT07/S18 Black Shiver, Gavrail 3 Angel Feather SP
G-BT07/S19 Black Call, Nakir 1 Angel Feather SP
G-BT07/S20 Black Spark, Munkar 0 Angel Feather Critical SP
G-BT07/S21 Flame Wing Steel Beast, Denial Griffin 4 Kagero SP
G-BT07/S22 Dragonic Blademaster 3 Kagero SP
G-BT07/S23 Lava Flow Dragon 1 Kagero SP
G-BT07/S24 Dragon Knight, Jannat 0 Kagero Critical SP
G-BT07/S25 Super Cosmic Hero, X-carivou 4 Dimension Police SP
G-BT07/S26 Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop 3 Dimension Police SP
G-BT07/S27 Cosmic Hero, Grandrope 1 Dimension Police SP
G-BT07/S28 Cosmic Hero, Grandbeat 0 Dimension Police Critical SP
G-BT07/S29 Abominable One, Gilles de Rais 4 Dark Irregulars SP
G-BT07/S30 Nighttime Gentleman, Saint-Germain 4 Dark Irregulars SP
G-BT07/S31 Scharhrot Vampir 3 Dark Irregulars SP
G-BT07/S32 Succubus of Pure Love 1 Dark Irregulars SP
G-BT07/S33 One-eyed Succubus 0 Dark Irregulars Critical SP
G-BT07/S34 Steam Scalar, Emellanna 1 Gear Chronicle SP
G-BT07/S35 Steam Maiden, Arlim 1 Gear Chronicle SP

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Angel Feather 3 5(+1) 5 2(+1) 2 17(+2)
Gold Paladin 4 4(+1) 4 2(+1) 2 16(+2)
Kagerō 3(+1) 5(+1) 4 4(+1) 3 19(+3)
Dimension Police 5(+1) 5(+1) 4 3(+1) 3 20(+3)
Dark Irregulars 3 5(+1) 4 3(+1) 2(+1) 17(+3)
Gear Chronicle 2 4(+1) 3 2 3 14(+1)
Cray Elemental - 1 - - - 1

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