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"Divine Dragon Caper" is the 9th G Booster Set released in the Japanese and English formats.





Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity
G-BT09/001 Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Vanquisher "VMAX" 4 Narukami GR+SGR
G-BT09/002 Storm of Lament, Wailing Thavas 4 Aqua Force GR+SGR
G-BT09/003 Holy Seraph, Altiel 4 Angel Feather RRR+SP
G-BT09/004 True Revenger, Raging Rapt Dragon 4 Shadow Paladin RRR+SP
G-BT09/005 Dragdriver, Luard 4 Shadow Paladin RRR+SP
G-BT09/006 Dragwizard, Morfessa 2 Shadow Paladin RRR+SP
G-BT09/007 True Eradicator, Dragonic Descendant "Zillion" 4 Narukami RRR+SP
G-BT09/008 Great Hero, Rising Supernova 4 Spike Brothers RRR+SP
G-BT09/009 Metapulsar, Split Pegasus 4 Gear Chronicle RRR+SP
G-BT09/010 Blue Storm Helical Dragon, Disaster Maelstrom 4 Aqua Force RRR+SP
G-BT09/011 Holy Celestial, Anafiel 4 Angel Feather RR
G-BT09/012 Black Devote, Phaleg 3 Angel Feather RR
G-BT09/013 Dark Dragon, Plotmaker Dragon 4 Shadow Paladin RR+SP
G-BT09/014 Dragsaver, Esras 1 Shadow Paladin RR
G-BT09/015 Sky Guardian Supreme Dragon, Bulwark Dragon 4 Narukami RR+SP
G-BT09/016 Wyvern Defender, Guld 1 Narukami RR
G-BT09/017 King of Sadism, Dudley Caligula 4 Spike Brothers RR
G-BT09/018 Juggernaut Maximum Maximum 4 Spike Brothers RR+SP
G-BT09/019 Pulsar Tamer, Lugal-Ure 2 Gear Chronicle RR
G-BT09/020 Blue Wave Brave General, Artiom 4 Aqua Force RR
G-BT09/021 Blue Storm Deterrence Dragon, Ice Barrier Dragon 4 Aqua Force RR+SP
G-BT09/022 Battle Siren, Janka 2 Aqua Force RR
G-BT09/023 Excellence Celestial, Yophiel 3 Angel Feather R
G-BT09/024 Absorb Celestial, Bahariya 1 Angel Feather R
G-BT09/025 Black Mirage, Hageete 1 Angel Feather R
G-BT09/026 Mage of Enticement, Ildona 3 Shadow Paladin R
G-BT09/027 Revenger, Slay Hex Dragon 3 Shadow Paladin R
G-BT09/028 Revenger, Detonate Heat Dragon 2 Shadow Paladin R
G-BT09/029 Abyssal Owl 1 Shadow Paladin R
G-BT09/030 Pole Star Eradicator, Zuitan 3 Narukami R
G-BT09/031 Roaring Thunder Spear, Jalil 3 Narukami R
G-BT09/032 Eradicator, Dragonic Deathscythe 2 Narukami R
G-BT09/033 Trainee Monk Dragon 1 Narukami R
G-BT09/034 Ascetic Dracokid 0 Narukami R
G-BT09/035 Dudley Turborappler 3 Spike Brothers R
G-BT09/036 Lethal Forward 2 Spike Brothers R
G-BT09/037 Dudley Jetter 1 Spike Brothers R
G-BT09/038 Dudley Cheers, Linda 1 Spike Brothers R
G-BT09/039 Pulsar, Flarescent Dragon 3 Gear Chronicle R
G-BT09/040 Pulsar, Stratos Falcon 1 Gear Chronicle R
G-BT09/041 Marine General of Twin Bullets, Cretas 3 Aqua Force R
G-BT09/042 Blue Wave Marine General, Iason 3 Aqua Force R
G-BT09/043 Kelpie Rider, Nikitas 2 Aqua Force R
G-BT09/044 Kelpie Rider, Vallas 1 Aqua Force R
G-BT09/045 Elastic Bipolar, Rahtiel 3 Angel Feather C
G-BT09/046 Artistic Celestial Machariel 2 Angel Feather C
G-BT09/047 Black Relief, Aratoron 2 Angel Feather C
G-BT09/048 Million Ray Pegasus 2 Angel Feather C
G-BT09/049 Thousand Ray Pegasus 1 Angel Feather C
G-BT09/050 First Aid Corgi 1 Angel Feather C
G-BT09/051 Black Omen, Phul 0 Angel Feather C
G-BT09/052 Doctoroid Felias 0 Angel Feather Draw C
G-BT09/053 Teardrop Phoenix 0 Angel Feather Heal C
G-BT09/054 High Treble Angel 0 Angel Feather Stand C
G-BT09/055 Knight of Serial Blade, Diarmud 3 Shadow Paladin C
G-BT09/056 Ferocious Attack Revenger, Dylan 2 Shadow Paladin C
G-BT09/057 Assist Owlner, Maighneis 2 Shadow Paladin C
G-BT09/058 Revenger, Weitgore Dragon 1 Shadow Paladin C
G-BT09/059 Detecting Revenger, Aife 1 Shadow Paladin C
G-BT09/060 Leadbau 1 Shadow Paladin C
G-BT09/061 Commanding Knight, Gnesa 0 Shadow Paladin C
G-BT09/062 Lingering Night Revenger, Conrad 0 Shadow Paladin C
G-BT09/063 Rabidmyu 0 Shadow Paladin Critical C
G-BT09/064 Knight of Ironcluster, Craiftine 0 Shadow Paladin Stand C
G-BT09/065 Groundbreaking General, Bisham 3 Narukami C
G-BT09/066 Eradicator, Lightning Phoenix 2 Narukami C
G-BT09/067 Martial Arts Dragon 2 Narukami C
G-BT09/068 Zoomdive Dragoon 2 Narukami C
G-BT09/069 Eradicator, Strike Slasher Dragon 1 Narukami C
G-BT09/070 Grudge Toxin Eradicator, Seiobo 1 Narukami C
G-BT09/071 Dragon Dancer, Fatine 1 Narukami C
G-BT09/072 Eradicator, Ambitious Dragoon 0 Narukami C
G-BT09/073 Honorable Monk Dragon 0 Narukami Draw C
G-BT09/074 Demonic Dragon Nymph, Cordo 0 Narukami Heal C
G-BT09/075 Djinn of Rainy Duststorm 0 Narukami Stand C
G-BT09/076 Serial Bomber 3 Spike Brothers C
G-BT09/077 Outrage Lineback 3 Spike Brothers C
G-BT09/078 Dudley Ingram 2 Spike Brothers C
G-BT09/079 Mayhem Tiger 2 Spike Brothers C
G-BT09/080 Airforce Eliza 1 Spike Brothers C
G-BT09/081 Fullspeed Specter 1 Spike Brothers C
G-BT09/082 Dudley Littleroad 0 Spike Brothers C
G-BT09/083 Mecha Coach 0 Spike Brothers C
G-BT09/084 Dandy Regista 0 Spike Brothers Draw C
G-BT09/085 Cheer Girl, Sundra 0 Spike Brothers Heal C
G-BT09/086 Silence Joker 0 Spike Brothers Critical C
G-BT09/087 Pulsar, Speedy Bunny 2 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT09/088 Pulsar Tamer, Nepada 1 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT09/089 Heavy Wrench Dracokid 0 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT09/090 Pulsar, Rush Boar 0 Gear Chronicle Critical C
G-BT09/091 Pulsar, Hypnosis Sheep 0 Gear Chronicle Stand C
G-BT09/092 Stragglefin Dragon 3 Aqua Force C
G-BT09/093 Blue Wave Marine General, Damia 2 Aqua Force C
G-BT09/094 Blue Wave Marine General, Lucianos 2 Aqua Force C
G-BT09/095 Kelpie Rider, Paul 1 Aqua Force C
G-BT09/096 Blue Wave Soldier, Cimon 1 Aqua Force C
G-BT09/097 Blue Wave Dragon, Submerge Dragon 1 Aqua Force C
G-BT09/098 Battle Siren, Cressida 1 Aqua Force C
G-BT09/099 Blue Wave Recruit, Yiotis 0 Aqua Force C
G-BT09/100 Harpoon Dracokid 0 Aqua Force C
G-BT09/101 Flambe Sailor 0 Aqua Force Heal C
G-BT09/102 Battle Siren, Mallika 0 Aqua Force Draw C
G-BT09/103 Dolphin Soldier of Leaping Windy Seas 0 Aqua Force Stand C
G-BT09/104 Light Elemental, Honoly 1 Cray Elemental C
G-BT09/S13 Dragheart, Luard 3 Shadow Paladin SP
G-BT09/S14 Abyssal Owl 1 Shadow Paladin SP
G-BT09/S15 Karma Collector 1 Shadow Paladin SP
G-BT09/S16 Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Vanquisher "VOLTAGE" 4 Narukami SP
G-BT09/S17 Dragonic Vanquisher 3 Narukami SP
G-BT09/S18 Mighty Bolt Dragoon 1 Narukami SP
G-BT09/S19 Lightning of Triumphant Return, Reseph 0 Narukami Critical SP
G-BT09/S20 Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova 3 Spike Brothers SP
G-BT09/S21 Acrobat Verdi 1 Spike Brothers SP
G-BT09/S22 Liar Lips 0 Spike Brothers Critical SP
G-BT09/S23 Storm Dominator, Commander Thavas 4 Aqua Force SP
G-BT09/S24 One Who Surpasses the Storm, Thavas 3 Aqua Force SP
G-BT09/S25 Kelpie Rider, Nikki 1 Aqua Force SP
G-BT09/S26 Kelpie Rider, Petros 0 Aqua Force Critical SP
G-BT09/Re:01 Storm Dominator, Commander Thavas 4 Aqua Force RRR
G-BT09/Re:02 Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Vanquisher "VOLTAGE" 4 Narukami RRR
G-BT09/Re:03 Revenger, Raging Form Dragon 3 Shadow Paladin RRR
G-BT09/Re:04 Eradicator, Dragonic Descendant 3 Narukami RRR
G-BT09/Re:05 Blue Storm Supreme Dragon, Glory Maelstrom 3 Aqua Force RRR

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Angel Feather 4 4 3 3 2 16
Shadow Paladin 4 5(+1) 4 3(+2) 3 19(+3)
Narukami 5(+1) 5(+1) 4 3(+2) 3(+1) 20(+5)
Spike Brothers 5(+1) 4(+1) 3 3(+1) 3 18(+3)
Gear Chronicle 3 2 2 1 1 9
Aqua Force 5(+1) 5(+1) 4 3(+2) 4(+1) 21(+5)
Cray Elemental - 1 - - - 1

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