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"Gear Chronicle" (ギアクロニクル Giakuronikuru) is a clan from the Dark Zone nation. This clan is from a dimension different to that of the original Gear Chronicle, or is from an era before the original, as the current leader is unknown, and Interdimensional Dragon, Mystery-flare Dragon is a normal unit instead of being a G unit. The clan's political prowess (and its status in general) within Planet Cray is also currently unknown.


Gear Chronicle specializes in "time travelling" tactics, such as summoning and sending units from and to the past and future. It is also the only clan with a minor focus on requiring grade 4's in the main deck, whereas other clan's grade 4's are optional. By binding your own cards, you are able to achieve a multitude of effects. These binds can be achieved through costs or effects, and are bound face up. Planning is required when binding, as a few notable cards have their effects change according to the sum of the grades of the face up cards in your bind zone. Aside from binding, some cards also affect your opponent directly, such as sending their rear-guards to the bottom of their deck, or restricting what they can guard with.

Gear Chronicle has the Force Imaginary Gift, which they can use to further boost the power of their ranks.

Known/Notable Fighters



Name Type Description
Gear Dragon Unique
Gearoid Unique
Workeroid Shared

Sets containing Gear Chronicle Cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
V Extra Booster 04: The Answer of Truth ??

List of Gear Chronicle Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Chirping Worker Workeroid Draw Trigger
Primordial Dracokid Gear Dragon
Ringing Worker Workeroid Critical Trigger
Steam Bomber, Jigul Gearoid Critical Trigger
Steam Doctor, Maltash Gearoid Heal Trigger
Steam Guard, Kashtelia Gearoid Draw Trigger/Perfect Guard

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Promptly Worker Workeroid
Retro-axe Dragon Gear Dragon
Steam Artist, Abiratta Gearoid Perfect Guard
Steam Scalar, Kalain Gearoid
Steam Fighter, Memenne Gearoid
Wedge-move Dragon Gear Dragon

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Gun-bezel Dragon Gear Dragon
Lost-break Dragon Gear Dragon
Missing-clamp Dragon Gear Dragon
Steam Fighter, Ahanne Gearoid
Steam Hunter, Lippitt Gearoid
Steam Mechanic, Nabu Gearoid

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Interdimensional Dragon Knight, Lost Legend Gear Dragon Force
Grand Strike Dragon Gear Dragon Force
Gun-guild Dragon Gear Dragon Force
Steam Expert, Zerics Gearoid

Grade 4

Card Name Race Type
Interdimensional Dragon, Idealize Dragon Gear Dragon
Interdimensional Dragon, Mystery-flare Dragon Gear Dragon