Chronojet Dragon

"Gear Dragon" (ギアドラゴン Giadoragon) is a race currently unique to the Gear Chronicle clan.


The Gear Dragons

The Gear Dragons are categorized into high, middle and low ranks. The high-ranked Gear Dragons like "Chronojet Dragon" have unknown origins of birth, while middle-ranked and low-ranked Gear Dragons are individuals who receive power from the high-ranked Gear Dragons. The high-ranked Gear Dragons can use superior power directly linked to time and space, such as freely opening the Gate to initiate "Stride". Most of the middle-ranked and low-ranked Gear Dragons are invited by the high-ranked Gear Dragons, and they are given "Time Engine", the mechanical equipment that can manipulate time and space, when they join the clan. The middle-ranked "Smokegear Dragon" possesses space-intervening abilities specialized in defense and support. It can release mist that slightly distorts recognition, which could conceal its form. "Masergear Dragon", another middle-ranked Gear Dragon, is a specialist of offense, able to collect traces of unknown energies when the high-ranked Gear Dragons open the Gates, and unleash the stored power as heat beams.

List of Gear Dragons


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List of Support Cards

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