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The Gold Paladins (ゴールドパラディン Gōrudo Paradin) is a clan from the United Sanctuary nation. This clan debuted first in Trial Deck 5: Slash of Silver Wolf along with Narukami.

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Aichi Sendou and Ren Suzugamori use this clan during Season 2 of the Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime, after the Royal Paladin and Shadow Paladin clans were sealed away.

This clan focus on superior calling from the top of the deck and getting full field as fast as possible and gaining effects and extra power if the user has a high number of rear-guards.

After both the Royal Paladins and the Shadow Paladins were sealed away, the Gold Paladins were created by the remaining members of Royal Paladin and Shadow Paladin Clans. Thus the Gold Paladins share attributes from both clans.

Aichi Sendou still uses this clan in the Season 3, now focused on the Liberators archetype.

In Season 4, Olivier Gaillard uses Aichi's Gold Paladin deck, with Blue Flame Liberator, Percival replacing Blaster Blade Liberator as Olivier's avatar.

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  • Most of the knights from Season 2 are based off on the Scotch Arthurs of the Arthurian legend.
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