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Gold Trigger is a small-size coupon that can be found only in Japanese Booster Sets such as Booster Set 1: Descent of the King of Knights, Booster Set 2: Onslaught of Dragon Souls and other Japanese Booster Sets. It is not currently available in the English Boosters and there is no confirmation if the English version will have the exchange.

This campaign has now been discontinued. It was replaced with the Get! Treasure Campaign, which also covers other Bushiroad games such as "Future Card Buddyfight".

There are 4 types of coupons.

  • Try Again
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Each coupon represents something. The 'Try Again' coupon shows that you have to try harder to get the silver or gold. The 'Silver' Coupon represents 1 point while the 'Gold' Coupon represents 3 points.

With the Silver and Gold coupons, you can exchange points for prizes such as deck holders, playmats, sleeves and others. These coupons can be traded in through your tournaments, shops, or the distributors.

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