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Actor 1311

Family name: 生天目
Given name: 仁美
Blood type: B

Hitomi Nabatame (生天目 仁美 Nabatame Hitomi, born August 4, 1976 in Sado, Niigata and raised in Yokohama) is a Japanese voice actress. She is affiliated with Ken Production. When voicing adult games, she is known as Maki Tezuka (手塚 まき Tezuka Maki), Fuka Hinami (雛見 風香 Hinami Fūka, Myu Nonaka (野中 みゅう Nonaka Myū, or Ko Shiina (シィーナ・コウ Shiina Kō. She also sings opening themes for Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu under the name Miran Himemiya and Chocolate Rockers. She voices Asaka Narumi in the Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime.

Other Notable Roles

Beyblade: Metal Fusion (TV) as Osamu

Bleach (TV) as Kariya Jin (child); Misato Ochi; Nanao Ise; Receptionist (Shinigami Golden Dictionary); Renji's Greeters (ep 18); Ryō Kunieda; Usaka Kazuya (Karin's Friend)

Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion - Mō Hitotsu no Hyōrinmaru (movie) as Nanao Ise

Zettai Karen Children (TV) as Sera

Zoids: Fuzors (TV) as Betty

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