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Leading Jewel Knight, Salome

The Jewel Knights (宝石騎士ジュエルナイト Jueru Naito) are a series of cards exclusive of the Royal Paladin clan that were first introduced in Booster Set 10: Triumphant Return of the King of Knights. They focus around superior calling additional Jewel Knight rear-guards, since many of their abilities require having at least four Jewel Knight rear-guards.


Who are the Jewel Knights?

One of the titles handed out to elite knights in the first army of United Sanctuary of the clan "Royal Paladin". Those chosen wear and use armor and weapons that are embedded with gorgeous gemstones and jewels containing magical power, known as Magical Jewels, causing them to also be known as the most fabulous and glamorous knights in the army. Those who belong to their numbers combine the traditional style of a knight along with the additional supernatural power of magic, and are nicknamed the "Knights of the Magical Treasures" due to their equipment and the tactics they employ using them.

List of "Jewel Knight" Cards

Grade 0

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

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