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The Kagerō (かげろう Kagerou, "Heat Haze") are a clan from the Dragon Empire nation. They don't have a well-defined playstyle, but many of their cards have skills that retire the opponent's rear-guards. In general, Kagerō's focus is wearing down the opponent's resources, by retiring the opponent's rear-guards, restanding their vanguard, pressuring the opponent to guard using on-hit skills, or gaining extra power/criticals. In the second season of anime, Kagerō along with Royal Paladin and Shadow Paladin were sealed away and the Kagerō clan were replaced with the Narukami clan.

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Toshiki Kai uses this clan both in the manga and in the first season of anime until it was replaced with Narukami, without any memories of having used this clan. Taishi Miwa also uses a Kagerō deck in the first season and the third season of the anime.
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  • Kagerō in Japanese means "Heat Haze". Many Kagerō use fire-based attacks.

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