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Kagerō (かげろう Kagerou, literally "Heat Haze") is a clan from the Dragon Empire nation. They don't have a well-defined playstyle, but many of their cards have skills that retire the opponent's rear-guards. In general, Kagerō's focus is wearing down the opponent's resources, by retiring the opponent's rear-guards, restanding their vanguard, pressuring the opponent to guard using on-hit skills, or gaining extra power/criticals.

This clan is primarily used by Toshiki Kai in the anime/manga, and by Taishi Miwa in the anime. In the Season 2, this clan along with Royal Paladin and Shadow Paladin were sealed by Void, causing the War of Liberation. During that time, Kai and Miwa were using Narukami without any memories of having used this clan.


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