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May those evil eyes foresee all the consequences. Ride! Stealth Dragon, Shiranui!

Kazumi Onimaru is a new character in the Cardfight!! Vanguard G: NEXT anime.


He has long, very light blond or even white hair that's tied in a pony tail and yellow eyes. He wears a black suit over a red shirt.


Kazumi has a very odd personality, as his first appearance in the anime has him eyeing Chrono Shindou. He has a gentle but sinister tone. Eager for combat, he has shown to be both meticulous and ruthless during a fight.


In NX Episode 1, he enters Card Capital 2, looking for Chrono Shindou. He eyes Chrono, making sure that it is him, and asks Chrono to a cardfight. Multiple times throughout the fight, Kazumi says odd things that make Chrono act nervous and be suspicious of him. Kazumi quickly defeats Chrono, who was caught off guard by Kazumi's hand-destruction tactics, winning by using Rikudo Stealth Rogue, Atagolord's skill and by drive checking a critical trigger while Chrono was at three damage. Before the fight is over, he asks if Chrono has any plans of entering a tournament. After the fight, he leaves the shop and tells Chrono his name. Chrono searches him up on the shop's computer and finds that Kazumi is the previous champion of the Under 20 Championship. Chrono walks up to a poster on the shop advertising the tournament, and becomes excited to enter.

He clears the first stage of the U20 alongside his team on the first day with ease, but remains on site observing the rest of the cardfighters. When Noa Hoshizaki follows a voice he heard to an enigmatic, red coloured portal, a system that was set up by Saori Fuchidaka to temporarily sabotage the power throughout the U20's facilities is activated, and Kazumi immediately moves to find out who touched the portal. Along the way however, he is spotted by Chrono, and the two are then found by Ibuki, who was already suspicious of Kazumi. Kazumi and Ibuki face off, bringing up their ideals for a future world, however they discontinue the match when the power returns to the U20. Soari gives Kazumi a second opportunity to reach the portal by hacking into the particular security cameras that were nearby. Kazumi enters the portal, and immediately performs a "Different World Ride" on Noa, wherein Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon possesses the "vessel of his other self" (Noa).

It is later revealed by Nome Tatsunagi, that Kazumi's Different World Ride with Stealth Dragon, Shiranui was not something he agreed to, and Shiranui has found a way to forcibly Diffride. As such this means that Shiranui is in complete control of Kazumi.


Kazumi uses a Nubatama deck, with Stealth Dragon, Shiranui as his ace. It focuses on the Afterimage skill, allowing him to return his units to his hand at the end of his turn and potentially re-use on-call skills. Like all Nubatama decks, its win condition is to limit the opponent's defensive options with hand destruction. To make this strategy even more devastating he uses Rikudo Stealth Rogue, Atagolord, a G Unit who gains critical when the opponent has 3 or less cards in hand.




Record (Season 8)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Chrono Shindou Turn 1 Win
Tokoha Anjou Turn 15 Win
Shion Kiba Turn 15 Win
Sugiru Kariya Turn 17 Win
Ibuki Kouji Turn 22 Unfinished

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