I have understood your Vanguard.

—Kazumi Onimaru's catchphrase

Kazumi Onimaru is the main antagonist in Cardfight!! Vanguard G: NEXT. He was forcefully Diffriden by Stealth Dragon, Shiranui up until the final episode of NEXT.


He has long, very light blond or even white hair that's tied in a pony tail and yellow eyes. He wears a black suit over a red shirt.


Kazumi feels remorse and feels that he was too weak to help out Shiranui. Kazumi's true personality is shown to be similar to the persona used by Shiranui when he first encountered Chrono.


Cardfight Vanguard Next

At some unknown point of time after the closure of the Stride Gate, Kazumi was forcefully differiden by Shiranui and was under possession of Shiranui until Shiranui's battle with Chrono Shindou in the final stage of the Under 20. Shiranui then left Kazumi's body while having a brief conversation of Shiranui as the diffride ends. Kazumi then reunite with his younger step-brother, Kazuma. Kazumi and Kazuma would later have a cardfight with each other, will Kazuma stating he will overcome Kazumi for sure, the outcome of the battle was unknown. Also, Shiranui had left his memories in Kazumi's mind as a warning about what is about to happen next. He later visits Card Capital 2 and meet the members of Try 3 and was delighted to see them and wants to get their autographs before Kazuma stops him. Kazumi then told everyone present about Gastille's plans for the revival of Gyze and the mission which Shiranui was given by Gastille.

Cardfight Vanguard GZ

In this season, the Apostles started their plan of targeting potential cardfighters to become Gyze's vessel and sending them to Relics, with Kazuma being one of the targets. Hence, Kazumi stayed by Kazuma's side to protect him from the Apostles. Until he becomes Chrono's bodyguard for a brief time since he was on the verge of becoming Gyze vessel, and would get targeted.

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Kazumi uses a Nubatama deck, with Stealth Dragon, Shiranui as his ace. It focuses on the Afterimage skill, allowing him to return his units to his hand at the end of his turn and potentially re-use on-call skills. Like all Nubatama decks, its win condition is to limit the opponent's defensive options with hand destruction. To make this strategy even more devastating he uses Rikudo Stealth Rogue, Atagolord, a G Unit who gains critical when the opponent has 3 or less cards in hand.



After his diffride broke, Kazumi continued to use this domination based deck as a sign of respect to Shiranui. In GZ, he uses this deck with his new grade 3 ace, Blazing Demonic Stealth Dragon, Shiranui "Zanki".



Record (Season 8)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Kazuma Shouji Turn Win (Flashback)
Kazuma Shouji Turn 52 Undetermined
Record (Season 9)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Relics Turn 7 Win
Chrono Shindou Turn 15 Win
Gyze Turn 20 Lose